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January 9, 2018

Get the London Look: Everything I Wore in London + Edinburgh

Hey merbabes! I'm back + better than ever.  Ok actually, right now I am seriously sick, but I have a feeling the whole better than ever thing will kick in in a few days.  London + Edinburgh were a serious whirlwind, I don't think I've ever laughed as much as I did in the last ten days.  As much as I want to take you through every single moment that made me giggle, lets get to why you're really here.

The London Looks.  I truly was killing it in London, if I do say so myself.

I needed a kick of inspiration to get me out of my early onset winter wardrobe rut (I mean its barely January, we've got a long way to go), and what better than a trip across the pond to give me the inspiration I've been looking for? Nothing, duh. Below I've rounded up my top five looks from my trip + found you all the pieces you need to recreate them for yourself!

Look 1:

I joked that I was dressed as the union jack but it's totally the truth.  I immediately broke out my new red jacket after landing and was ready to hit the town.

Red Jacket - Under $100
Rolling Stones Tee - Under $40

Look 2:

Another winning moment was this mustard look.  As I blonde, I tend to shy away from mustard yellow but I loved this mod little dress, I had to go for it.  

Dress - Under $40
Duster - Under $40
Look 3:

How good is this sweatshirt? I'm wearing to every brunch from now on.

Sweatshirt - Under $25

Look 4:

This was one of my Edinburgh looks + probably my favorite.  Scotland is basically the capitol of plaid so bringing out these plaid pants was a must.  Tip: it rains constantly, be sure your umbrella is up to par with your looks.


Look 5:

The final london look was this red + black one.  I hate wearing skirts, but I forced myself into this little camo cutie, it was so worth it, especially paired with this show stopping red coat.  This hat was basically attached to my head the entire trip, due to a lack of water pressure in our airbnbs (my hair was a mess).  
Coat - Under $100
Skirt - Under $100



  1. Totally loved following along with your UK adventures on Instagram and look forward to more traveling content from you in the future. You really managed to bring your unique flare for styling across seas and I think, fit PERFECTLY in with the London aesthetic. Also, LOVE the styling not just of your outfits but of this shots. Get it, girl!

    xoxo - Kelly

  2. Your style is so cute! Totally love all your looks X

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better, sound like a amazing trip. Love all of the outfits in this post thanks for including links to them.

  4. Love your looks. Number five especially.

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