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May 7, 2017

Tweed-y Bird: How to Wear Zara like a Fashion Girl

For some people Target is their weakness, for me it's Zara.  Last weekend I went into Zara not looking to make any purchases and I walked out of there spending my entire paycheck.  Oops.  I literally stood in line with my pile of clothes, turned to Kelly and said "at least I'm not spending my money on drugs...right?".  

It is kind of funny because I had shot this look featuring some awesome Zara finds and then I read this article on The Blonde Salad, "How to Shop like a Fashion Editor".   I felt pretty cool because I totally aligned with all of the editors tips.  The first trick she shares is "how not to look like a Zara girl, wearing Zara", I like to think that this is something I completely nail.  The key is really to shop smart, go for the unique, quirky pieces that can create one of a kind looks.  I think the best way to build a totally unique wardrobe is to fill it will funky fast-fashion pieces, and supplement with high-quality accessories and basics.  As a 19 year old, I am still working on building out my wardrobe and bringing my closet out of my questionable high-school days, think mini skirts and crop tops.  

This has been a really fun project for me, it has forced me to stop for a moment and think before I make a purchase.  I am a sucker for a crazy piece, DUH, but if I can only think of one way to style it, it is not worth the money, even if its $20 from Zara, I don't need that clutter in my closet.  I love shopping online but I really love going into a store and seeing clothes IRL.  I think they clothes give off major vibes and sometimes you can't feel those vibes through the computer screen.  Pieces that look high-end and expensive can easily turn up at your door looking the complete opposite.  

This tweed jacket is that perfect unique find that can be worn a million different ways.  A tweed jacket is a totally classic silhouette, tweed jackets literally scream Chanel.  I loved this particular jacket because of all of the colors and the unfinished edges.  The color and raw edges made this piece far more youthful than the average tweed jacket.  Lets stop for a moment and think about how funny it would be if I showed up on Merm wearing a beige tweed jacket, with pearl buttons.  Totally chic and a total staple piece in many women's wardrobe, but not me, I am sure you laughed out loud when trying to picture it, cause I know I did.  

This tweed jacket can be worn over a summer dress, worn with a high waisted pant, or simply worn with a pair of jeans like I wore here.

Not only was this tweed jacket the perfect Zara find, but these mid-rise jeans were another Zara win.   I hate skinny jeans so I don't know how I even left the store with these, but to my surprise they are actually a much more relaxed fit than they appeared on the hanger.  Plus, these jeans are mid rise which is a major win for an obsessive t-shirt half-tucker like moi.  These jeans have just the right amount of distress to pair with the raw edges of the tweed jacket.  Too much distress can result in looking like a Justin Bieber wannabe, not good.

The unique side stripe made these jeans a Zara win, the side-stripe draws from the super hot track-pants trend, but you still get to rock denim.  Hashtag winning.

I am so blessed to have such a great family over at Skechers that hooked me up with their newest release.  Skecher Street is a younger, more fashion forward off-shoot of the brand that you know and love.  I love these starry sneakers, they totally remind me of the Stella platforms you see all over but are way cooler and more comfortable.  I seriously haven't worn any other shoes besides my new pairs from the Skecher Street collection that Skechers sent over.

I have been wearing my sunnies inside far too much lately so I decided to invest in a pair of faux readers.  I love this retro inspired pair, they are serving major Napoleon Dynamite vibes and make me look v educated.  Yesterday I paired them with a black turtleneck, and a slicked back bun, I felt so fashion.

You know I live for a good white t-shirt.  Filling your wardrobe with plain white tees is the perfect way to ensure that your unique pieces will get worn.  A wild pant can easily be styled with a plain white t-shirt, just as this colorful tweed jacket was made casual-chic when I paired it with a half-tucked tee.

 Top Three Zara Shopping Tips:

1. Go for texture - pieces with dimension will always look more expensive.

2. Search the entire store - I always find amazing pieces in the TRF and children's departments.

3. Make sure it is worth the price - Zara has some seriously cool pieces that are in the $150-200 range, but make sure it is worth the money before you buy, think quality of fabric, fit, etc.  If I am about to drop $150 on a single piece I would rather do it at Nordstrom or Bloomies, but then again every once in a while Zara knocks it out of the park and you just need that $150 piece.  



  1. AMAZING post and I love your outfit your denim pants is so sassy !

  2. I love this post because I totally relate to it! I'm constantly banging on about my obsession with Zara on my blog and these are great tips for shopping there! Thanks for sharing! Robyn xo

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