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May 28, 2017

Turn Back Time: George the Salon Chicago

Hey Merbabes!  You may remember I raved about my facial at George the Salon back in March...I was lucky enough to be invited back to experience the new Time Lapse Facial.  I am all about pre-anti-aging as I like to call it.  As a 19 year-old I shouldn't have to worry much about preserving my skin's youth, but as the crazy skincare lover I am, I am trying to look 19 forever.

I was excited to be back at George the Salon and see Lindsey who shared so much knowledge and insight with me last time I saw her.  I swear the beginning of the change and healing of my acne came with my facial at George the Salon.  After that facial I completely changed my skincare routine to the one I am following now, and have seen insane results.  Its hard to believe that it has only been two months, considering how far my skin has come, it was an almost immediate change.

The Time Lapse Facial is unlike any facial I have received before, although it is extremely relaxing it is treatment based, meaning its directly targeting your skins specific concerns.  Although I am not in need of anti-aging in the sense of wrinkles, or age spots; my face has lots of acne scars that make me beyond self-conscious.  I was quite excited when Lindsey said that the Time Lapse Facial would be perfect for my current skin situation, and would help get rid of dark spots, along with ditching a layer of dead skin so my skin could breathe easier.

The treatment started out with dermaplaning, something I had yet to experience.  Dermaplaning uses a fine blade to remove layers of dead skin.  It sounds slightly terrifying and I will be honest, I was a bit concerned but it was such a non-issue.  I was almost embarrassed by my fears.  It is a very high form of exfoliation the perfect way to shed layers of dead skin leftover from the winter.  I had large buildup of skin so I was excited to shed that skin and allow my new skin to breathe.

After the dermaplane is complete we moved on to some extractions along with light therapy.  Extractions are no fun but are essential for purging any build up in your pores.  I had very little bacterial breakouts, yay, but had some dried excess oils stuck in my pores along with a few cystic breakouts.  The light therapy was probably my favorite part of the treatment because I got to relax while getting a shoulder and neck massage.  Light therapy triggers collagen production in the skin and also helps kill any breakout causing bacteria.

The next step in the Time Lapse facial is a chemical or enzyme peel.  Due to my extremely sensitive skin and love of working out, we went with the enzyme peel which is a gentler alternative than the chemical peel, yet still gives you the amazing toning and rejuvenating benefits.  The facial was coming to a close and finished out by pumping hydration back into the skin with serums and moisturizers.

The Time Lapse Facial at George the Salon is a must for anyone looking to achieve that flawless summer glow.  The complete treatment was two hours long, and was the best way to treat myself after a stressful month.  It is so important to take time to completely unplug and do something just for you.  I am so excited to begin to see all of the results in the coming days, as my skin is still in the process of adjusting to the high level exfoliation (just a little dryness nothing crazy).  This facial is recommended to be done in a series for best results, AKA #treatyourself then #treatself again.  Lindsey sent me home with a complete custom skincare regimen to follow, along with suggestions of her favorite products.

Get in to George the Salon now and start Summer off with your best face forward, hehe get it?

Images by Julie Kartes Photography and Emily Cummings


  1. This sounds like an effective treatment. I have heard of dermaplane but always wondered if it actually works. After this post I may give it a try especially since I'm only a couple of hours away from Chi-Town.

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