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May 18, 2017

Juicy Juice: Early 2000's Summer Inspiration

Hey Merbabes!  I haven't abandoned you, don't worry.  I have been a busy little bee working on some v v cool projects.  Obviously I will keep you babes updated on the latest in my life but today we are talking about a look, a very serious LOOK.  Before you read this post, first watch this educational video of Paris Hilton breaking down all the early 2000's trends. 

My obsession with early 2000s fashions stems from the fact that although I was alive during this time,  I was barely dressing myself.  I remember jealously looking at the cool, older girls wearing itty-bitty denim skirts with their Uggs in the middle of January while I sat bundled up in my snow pants and snow pants.   From a first grader's point of view, these early 2000's trends were the epitome of fashion.  Girls like Mischa Barton, Paris Hilton, and Hilary Duff ruled the fashion scene.  In the age before Instagram, the closest thing little Dani and other girls my age had to celebrity fashion were the celebrity style books found at the school book fair. 

Shop the Look:

You would have never caught me rocking "Juicy" across my booty (or anywhere on my body for that matter) circa 2003.   I found Juicy Couture vile... yes, I have always been extremely opinionated.  But there is something so nostalgic about the brand and I am all about their comeback.  Urban Outfitters and Juicy Couture have killed this collaboration, I have to hold myself back from adding the entire collection into my shopping cart at least once a week.

This tube top spoke to me because of its classic early 2000's silhouette and gothic rhinestoned script.  What else could a girl want in a top for summer 2017?

I paired my Juicy tube top with a black, denim mini.  You already know how I feel about mini skirts (we aren't friends) but with such a classic early 2000's tube top, the only way to go is mini.  In my opinion I would rather go out of the house with no bottoms at all than a mini skirt, but thats just me.

Colored lenses are so hot right now and I am living for this yellow pair of aviators.  Colored lenses scream summer and will amplify any simple look, they are a must have for festival fashion.

I accessorized this look with a pair of Skecher Street sneakers and a Hi C juice box, I obviously had to get some juice in this Juicy look.  I am obsessed with these star studded sneakers, they perfectly tied in the silver from the rhinestones on the tube top and completed the look.

What are your favorite early 2000's trends?



  1. This outfit is SO CUTE! It definitely reminded me of the 2000s haha! I looove your yellow sunnies! They're so fun! :)

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/crane-print/

  2. Great post, I like it :)fantastic style, you look amazing :)

    new post

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