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April 27, 2017

Waves Don't Die: Summer Florals and Flares

Hey Merbabes!  I had the most amazing photoshoot on Monday for Sine Qua Non Salon that left me with the most amazing hair.  I had to take advantage of these crazy waves and get some shots for myself.  Before I get into this 70s inspired look, I have to take a moment to talk about how this hair was created.  Bryan from Sine Qua Non was a total genius and used wire and a flat iron to create these ziggy-zaggy waves.  First he bent a piece of wire, making a U-shape, almost like a giant bobby pin, then wove /looped my hair tightly around the wire and set it using a flat iron.  Repeat 1000 times and voila!  Two and a half hours was definitely worth it for this funky, retro look.  As you know I have no patience and will probably never recreate this look myself, instead click here for my 10 lazy girl hairstyling hack.  

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This look is a little flower child and a little disco, which is definitely my favorite part of retro inspired looks.  I am never trying to be 100% true to one era or type of person because I wasn't there, so I get to make it all up.  Dressing like an early '00s disney star is about as authentic as I can get with "retro" looks, you know I totally rocked the Lizzie McGuire collection from Kohl's on the first day or First Grade or maybe Kindergarten?  You get the point.  

I snagged this adorable floral crop top from Zara, I love the lace-up bow detailing in the back.  This is perfect to pair with a pair of high-waisted pants or shorts.  I was super over the high-waisted, denim short-short trend last summer and literally purged all of mine, but you could totally rock this top with your favorite high-waisted denim shorts.  I love rocking crop tops with non-high-waisted pieces like these denim flares.

Full belly looks always makes me feel like Britney or Christina, but they even make me (the self proclaimed crop-top queen) feel a little self-conscious.  You just have to remind yourself you are Britney and you can totally rock the full belly look.  Totally shameless.   Another tip is to remind yourself that people are going to stare at you, when you are conscious of the fact that people are going to stare, it will help you not freak out every time you feel someone glance at your tummy.  Although in your head you immediately think they are  negatively judging you, in reality they are probably jealous of how confident and killer you look.

I ate five pieces of pizza before shooting this look, it was cheese-free but it was still pizza.  I don't say that to brag about my post-pizza sucking in skills.  I say that to remind you that you don't have to ever change your plans or your meals around your look.

These light-wash denim flares are one of my favorite pairs of jeans I own.  OK, I recognize that I say that about every denim item that grazes my body, but I just love jeans.  I chopped the hem off these flares, because flares are always made extra long and your girl does not have enough leg for that.  You can always get your pants tailored but the raw hem is more my LEWK, so I go in with my scissors on  almost every pair I purchase.

I accessorized this look with my go-to pink aviators, sadly my exact pair sold out but I found this similar pair!  The combination of my hair and my sunglasses made me feel like a hot Napoleon Dynamite.  Which I'm not really sure if that is possible but I think this look is what that combination of words would look like.  For my footwear I was between my white converse and these platform sandals, I went with the platforms for this shoot, but if you saw me on the street casually rocking this look I would have on converse.  You may recognize these platform sandals from my PROM look last year, if you haven't seen the look, I recommend clicking that link and checking it out.  Pretty iconic, if I may say so myself.  These exact pair are no longer available, so two seasons ago, but I found this pair from Topshop that I am totally crushing on.

I wish I could say all the photos of me about to fall are cute and posed, but I literally am unstable.  



  1. Killing those seventies vibes girl! Absolutely LOVE this entire style and outfit!

    Isobel x

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  2. You look perfect in this style


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