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April 16, 2017

Rolling with the Homies: Salty Mermaid Swimwear

Hey Merbabes!  This Saturday's weather was what dreams are made of, so I did what any merbabe would; I threw on my favorite swimsuit, roller skates, and went to the beach.  You may recall I rocked my Salty Mermaid Suit all the way back in February, which was the last time it was warm enough to swap out my parka for a bikini.  The second I saw this weekends forecast I was ready to rock Salty Mermaid bikini #2.

Keep reading for the complete photo diary with Salty Mermaid Swimwear.

I definitely thought I was going to roll into the lake, how seriously funny but tragic would that have been?  Thankfully I made it out of this shoot alive and most importantly dry, because this mermaid does not swim in lakes.

Salty Mermaid has some seriously fun bikinis but this one may be my favorite.  I love the coverage of the halter top when paired with the itty bitty bikini bottoms.  I am all about balancing silhouettes even when I am wearing a swimsuit.

I am not one to rock ruffles, they are just not part of my daily vocabulary, but I am hooked on the ruffles of this bikini.  I love how un-girly they are, if that makes any sense.  Ruffles usually make me think of little girl church socks, but these ruffles are anything but church-sock ruffles.

Salty Mermaid has quickly become my favorite swimwear brand, not only because of their love of mermaids, but because of how amazing you feel when you put on your swimsuit.  Shooting swimwear can be stressful, I always want my legs to look long, my abs to look good, and my booty to be popping.  When I wear my Salty Mermaid suits I feel like such a babe I hardly have time to focus on anything but how good I look.

How much do you love this back detailing? I am obsessed.  I am convinced it makes my back look way hotter than it already is.  😉  I totally forgot to mention that this suit is reversible, yeah girl I know.  Its too good to be true.  The other side is an adorable flamingo print that I can not wait to rock.  

I honestly will never get over being able to hang at the beach while also being right in the middle of the city.  It is definitely one of my favorite aspects of living in Chicago.  The beach is just too relaxing on its own, I need a little reminder that chaos is right around the corner, ya feel?

Hoppy Easter babes! 



  1. Please be careful with that look. We don't need a second Chicago fire!

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