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April 12, 2017

Moody Thoughts and Timeless Silhouettes

Hey Merbabes!  How is your week going so far?  Mine is fa-lying by.  Throughout my school years all I ever wanted was the weeks to go as quick as possible, but now the end of the week just means there are still things on my todo list that didn't get touched.  I am a seriously productive person and have a killer work ethic, but even I have to face the facts that sometimes we can't do it all.  I blame it on ballet, I blame everything on ballet TBH, but I have a seriously hard time saying "no".  If someone asks me to do something I will always say yes; I will cover that extra shift, get the post in before the deadline, and I'll always eat the last slice of pizza.  I do love going above and beyond, duh, but often I do it because I never allow myself to say no.  Yesterday I said "no" to a very small task but I can't stop thinking about it,  I am so proud of myself.  That was a huge deal for me to allow myself to acknowledge that I am not only not the best person for the job but also that it wasn't something I wanted to be doing.  

I have been out of school for almost a year now, scary, and as much as I tease myself and say that I haven't done anything, I have done a ton.  I have had so many new experiences and learned so much about myself that my next steps are to simplify.  I want to be doing the things that set my soul on fire everyday and nothing else.  That seems like dumb, millennial speak but it is how I want to spend the rest of my life.  I am blessed that I am self aware enough to recognize very quickly the things I love and the things that I don't love.  My next steps are to have the courage enough to commit myself 100% to the things I love and drop everything else.  Obviously Mermaid Waves falls into the "things I love" category and I am not going anywhere.  Sorrryyyyyy.

Okay, so I totally came here to write about this chic, spring look but I got all distracted and moody.  We back.  I was recently introduced to Miss Iny and am so excited to share this destination with you.  My first impression of the site was a good one, seeing as their logo has major merbabe vibes, but I was even more excited when I actually got shopping and realized that the Miss Iny look is totally the Mermaid Waves look.   The trendy, care-free babe look we are all chasing after is obtainable and Miss Iny is going to help up get it.

I love a classic white oxford and a pair of jeans.  So timeless, but honestly "timeless" is a little boring.    I like the hot, the new, the now.  I was immediately drawn the this funky embroidered button-up.  I love the quirky details contrasting the classic silhouette of the white button-up.  The cuffs both have amazing embroidered details so there was no sleeve cuffing for me, I had to show off the goods. The loose cuffs inspired me to rock this shirt super casually, with a half-tuck plus top and bottom buttons left undone.  V model off-duty, v cool girl.

I am all about the jeans all the time and am always on the lookout for what I am missing from my collection.  Honestly when you have as many jeans as I do, that becomes a struggle.  I am obsessed with these high waisted distressed jeans.  The distressed hemline gives these denims a sexier feel than your average mom jean, but I love that they still feel 100% like a mom jean.  Distressed denim is huge right now but I tend to shy away from crazy tears all down my legs. This pair is the perfect way to rock the distressed trend without baring your entire leg, because the calendar says April but it is still winter out there.

The distressed hemline is perfect for showing off a killer pair of shoes.  I paired my favorite rainbow pumps with these jeans.  The hemline is the perfect peek-a-boo for your favorite pumps or sneakers.  To be honest after photographing in these heels I slipped on my nikes, it was just as hot.  💥

A good look slays even sans accessories, but a little choker never hurt anyone.  I love a good themed outfit so I kept my accessories in the realm of the rainbow and hearts from the oxford.  A pink heart choker and rainbow pumps finished off this look.

Say no to something this week. I dare you. 




  1. I love the jeans, they're perfect!

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