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April 24, 2017

Double Denim Trouble: Photo Diary with Laudi Vidni

Hey Merbabes!  I was going to apologize for being MIA last week but I'm not going to.  It is super important to me to only offer you, my merbabe, the best content I can. If I don't have anything meaningful or inspiring to share I won't share it, to me that means, well-written, thoughtful, and purposeful. It's like when your mother told you "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it".  I would hate for you to come to Mermaid Waves and leave feeling like you just wasted ten or even two minutes of you life.  Whether its as simple as a new way to rock your favorite jeans, or as complex as solving Instagram's new algorithm, I say complex v lightly, I only want to serve up the best of the best.  Because I am seriously tired of click-bait article after click-bait article screwing up my feed, if I see one of article titled "You won't recognize Kylie with her new hairstyle" I may explode, I will still recognize Kylie, we all will.  

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Anyways, today I am sharing with you a photo diary from a shoot I did with Laudi Vidni.  You may remember I worked with Laudi Vidni in the winter, see the shoot here, so I was excited to work with them again on their spring collection.  

First of all how dreamy is this bag?  Fuchsia snakeskin is clearly the way to my heart, this purse may be my spirit animal.  I don't really like animals IRL so I feel like this is the deepest connection I will ever feel towards an animal.  When I am shooting a specific product I want the product to shine, in this case its all about the bag.  This snakeskin cross body bag is the superstar of this shoot, but that doesn't mean the outfit can't be an award winning supporting actress.

This look is one of my recent favorites for two reasons: one denim, two half of the outfit is "recycled" and half is new.  The jeans I am rocking are probably the best fitting jeans I have ever owned, they perfectly hug all the right places yet still maintain that laid-back boyfriend fit.  I found these Levi's at Goodwill in the little boys section, they were $4.  LOL.  These little boy jeans are seriously similar to the Wedgie Fit jeans that Levi's carries now in normal women's sizes.  

The other recycled piece is actually my dad's denim jacket.  First, my mother started rocking Dan's denim jacket, then I had to get the look for myself.  I literally haven't stopped wearing it since, sorry fam.  It is perfectly oversized and totally on trend this season, I picked out a men's denim jacket that is similar, but I personally recommend stealing your favorite guy's denim jacket.  It not only will save you a couple dollars, but will have tons of character plus the perfect oversized fit. 

Now for the newer pieces, this J. Crew striped button-up and my favorite nude-y bootie.  As much as I live for weird and wacked out pieces, I understand the importance of a good basic.  This striped button-up has been worn more ways than I can count and I have only owned it for a few months now.  It completely elevates this super casual denim jacket and boyfriend jean combination.  One of my favorite ways I have styled this button-up was with a pair of dark-wash flares, and a faux fur jacket.  

These booties are the perfect year round boot.  Nude is so on trend, and these boots always make me feel like a Kardashian.  The nude ankle boot gives off a similar vibe to the clear shoes, you see all over Instagram but without the nasty foot condensation.

What are your favorite "recycled" pieces, and how do you style them?  Trends are always in circulation so it is v important to always be on the lookout, whether its in your dad's closet or the little boy's section of Goodwill.

Photos by: @Alfiefriday



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