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April 19, 2017

Dad Shoes: Your New 24/7 Shoe

Hey Merbabes!  My favorite style of shoe for over a year now has been the "dad shoe".   You know the shoe I am talking about.  They are easily recognizable with their thick sole, sensible color palette, and a hint of tech-nerd chic.  It is no coincidence that some of the most successful people are all known to rock the "dad shoe".  Steve Jobs rocked New Balances, the CEO of Zappos named Asics his shoe of choice.  They are power shoes, made for powerful people, like us, Merbabes.

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I started my collection of dad shoes with a pair of Skechers, as seen in the graphic above, and have recently added a pair of grey New Balance 990s, also in the graphic above.  These dad shoes have ruined me for life,  literally no other shoe seems worthy of my foot.  They are beyond comfortable and will make you question why on earth you ever shoved your toes into a pair of heels.  You have places to go and people to see, you need a shoe that can take you there sans blister.

I wear these shoes with everything from a faux fur jacket to a baby, cropped tee.  I am all about balance and contrast, I talk about it in every post.  An itty-bitty tee seems far less scandalous when paired with such a sensible shoe, and a faux fur jacket becomes day-time casual when paired with your favorite chunky sneaker.  Plus the thick sole gives you a couple of added inches, hashtag blessed.

You can shop any of the shoes above by simply clicking on the shoe you want to shop.  Plus, check out even more dad shoes below to seriously jumpstart your collection.

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