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April 17, 2017

Babes in Boston: A Mini Restaurant Guide

Hey Merbabes! Last weekend I snuck off to Boston to visit my one of my favorite people in the universe.  When I was 16,  I spent the summer at Boston Ballet, so I was quite excited to go back to this cute little city.  The majority of my time outside the ballet studio was split between eating ice cream and shopping at urban outfitters, what else would 16 year old Dani do?  That being said I was excited to rediscover Boston and see what else the city has to discover.

I had a blast with my girl and also had some seriously good eats!  Aubrey and I are both vegetarian, as well as Aubrey being gluten free and myself being dairy-free (like 95% of the time).  We have a lot of restrictions between us but we both love to eat.  Dietary restrictions really don't feel like a restriction when you know the right places to go, so I am excited to share these finds with you.

I'll be honest, I never do anything without the motivation of food.  I basically booked my ticket with the intent of heading to one spot in particular, if you followed my trip on snapchat and Instagram I am sure you already know where.   Below I am sharing four of the places we went and loved, plus what I ordered for some serious dining inspo!


I recognize that I should have put the ice cream place last on the list, but it deserves to be first.  Aubrey and I went two out of the two nights I was in Boston because it was that good.  I am pretty picky about my ice cream, because I do not like to splurge on dairy unless its seriously worth it.  Fomu's ice cream is plant-based and made with coconut milk, aka its a gift from Jesus.

Day one I got F'Oreo and Peanut Butter, I highly recommend this combination.  The F'oreo is filled with huge, house made chocolate cookie chunks, to die for.  The peanut butter was (don't laugh because there is no other way to describe it) insanely peanut butter-y,  I would eat it everyday.  Day two I ordered the fresh mint chip and chocolate, the chocolate was just as good as you would expect, and the fresh mint chip was exactly that.  It tasted like real mint, not your favorite mint chip ice cream you grew up eating.  They also had ice cream sandwiches with vegan cookies, vegan brownies and more!

By Chloe:

Sorry Aub, but this is the real reason I came to visit Boston.  JK, but By Chloe is my happy place, one of my past By Chloe meals is literally the wallpaper on my laptop.  I have been multiple times to their New York location, so I was excited to check out the Boston Spot.  In case you are not already obsessed with By Chloe, here is a quick rundown: it is all vegan and all insanely delicious.  The Boston location is just as adorable as the one in NY but even bigger therefore even more cuteness.

I got my favorite guac burger and sweet potatoes fries, with a matcha of course.  I am one of those awful people who order the same thing each time they go to a restaurant but if it ain't broke don't fix it, ya feel?  Aubrey got the avocado pesto pasta made gluten free and a matcha as well.  If you go to By Chloe you have to get fries, and even more importantly you have to have the beet ketchup.  30% because it is delicious, 70% because its PINK.

Loco Taqueria:

This place was a hot destination and a little tricky to get into.  We ended up making a reservation for five people at 5 p.m., which was the only way we could get a table.  We made it work and were expecting big things of this meal.  Loco was a super cute spot and it was popping for 5 p.m.

We ordered pineapple guac and chips to start off.  The pineapple guac was seriously such a beautiful thing and something I need to recreate this summer.  Ok, I'll probably have my mom recreate it but you get the point.  For my meal I got the grilled avocado tacos (I ordered mine without crema)! I am very set in my taco ways and eat my favorite vegan mushroom tacos once a week, so I was concerned that these would not live up to my taco standards.  They did.  There was grilled avocado, brussels sprouts, and pumpkin seeds plus I added a heavy dose of lime juice.


Saturday morning was one of the best mornings I have had in a long time.  I snuck out early in the morning and made my way to Equinox for yoga.  First, I needed some breakfast because I can not function without a full breakfast.  I was quite excited when I realized that a few steps away from Equinox was Jugos, I have been wanting to try this juice spot since I was in Boston three years ago.  It was finally my time.

I grabbed a matcha con leche juice and some oats.  It was the perfect breakfast on the go, I literally sat on a bench outside (it was only about 50 degrees) and was perfectly content.  I am always down for a matcha latte, duh, and this one was perfectly packaged to take with me to yoga then to ballet class.  I always eat my oats hot, I am not a huge "overnight oats" person due to the fact they are eaten cold, but I was in oat heaven and didn't mind these cool oats one bit!  My only regret is that I didn't make it there more than once.

Where are your favorite Boston eats?


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