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March 12, 2017

Very On Brand: T-Shirt and Jeans Look

Hey Merbabe! Happy Sunday, I hope you had a killer weekend.  My weekend was both fabulous and productive and I am feeling ready to take on the week.  Yesterday I spent the day, like literally the entire day, uploading pieces from my closet onto Postmark.  Follow me on Postmark (@mermaidwaves) to shop pieces directly from my closet! Today, I started my morning off with a ballet class and now I am here writing to you and about to enjoy some lunch!  Leftover pizza topped with an egg is on the menu at our house.  If you have never thrown an egg over leftover pizza you are missing out, it is the perfect brunch creation.  I am not sure what the rest of my day holds but I am hoping it includes catching up on America's Next Top Model.  I accidentally saw a headline that named the winner while scrolling through Facebook so now I feel obligated to watch it as soon as possible.   

Shop the Look:

This look is another go-to for winter to spring transitional weather.  I popped a winter coat over this look while running around throughout the day but when the temperatures perk up a few degrees you can rock this look sans coat.  I am so ready to get back to no jacket weather, February was such a mean tease Chicago. 

One of my current favorite denim trends is the kick flare hem, it is edgier than a ruffle but still more subtle than a bellbottom flare situation (which I also love and support).  The kick flare jean is a great alternative to the average flare jean if you are shorter.  I am 5' 4" which is pretty average height and I still have to chop a few inches off all of my flared jeans.  The kick flare jean is almost always cropped making them perfect for petite ladies who never thought they could rock the flare look!

The black denim is a little edgier than a blue wash so I paired it with a Sex Pistols band tee, similar tee linked.  This look felt so edgy for me, although it really isn't.  It is all in the attitude, and the hair.  My messy hair totally gave me rock and roll chick vibes.

I love tying up my t-shirts in little knots, it is a fun alternative to the half tuck look.  I am actually wearing a different tee tied in a baby knot as I am writing to you.  You don't have to show off your belly either, you can knot it as tight or loose as you please.

I am currently obsessed with these sunglasses, like what even.  First of all, they are from Forever 21, second they make such a statement.  I love how the pink in this band tee totally pops when I have the pink sunglasses on.  The vintage aviator shape seems to perfectly compliment my everyday style, they are fun and flirty but seriously bold.  I can not wait to rock sunglasses these all summer.  I am already envisioning these vintage aviators paired with my furry slides, and a pair of cut-offs.

This vegan leather metallic jacket has quickly became and stayed one of my favorite pieces I own.  The jacket itself is so versatile, its first appearance on Mermaid Waves looks very different than this one but it shines in both looks.  The metallic silver leather is a softer take on the usual black leather jacket but is just as timeless.  I got the back of my leather jacket embroidered at a local embroidery shop in Bucktown for under $15.  The simple embroidery elevates this jacket making it a one of a kind piece that is completely affordable.  I love that I can walk around and shamelessly advertise Mermaid Waves because its FASHION, duh.

This pose is the look the librarian gives you when you are talking too loud.




  1. Omg your jacket is so nice the fact that it's embroidered with your blog name! I want one! <3

    Isobel x

    New video:

  2. Wow, amazing outfit!

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  6. What an nice blog post - loved it. I've not actually got that many pairs of boots etc, really struggle with comfort! Needing to add different colour to my collection, started to achieve this with boots/sandals until the change of weather - but now need to start on my Mid Waisted Kick Flare Jeans In Dark Blue Wash


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