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March 9, 2017

Treat Yourself: George the Salon

Hey Merbabes! In my last post I mentioned that I was heading off to the spa, now I am here to tell you all about it.  I went over to George the Salon for a little pampering, to be honest my brain has been so all over the place I couldn't even remember what my appointment was for.  Luckily the ladies at George the Salon in Gold Coast had their lives I little more put together than I did.  I was in for a facial, perfect.

I walked into the building located at Rush and Oak right next to Hermes store, I felt very high end.  The salon is located in a very chic, dimly lit building, I say that because I was wearing sunglasses (even though it was dark outside) and I had a very hard time finding my way to the elevator.  I couldn't compromise my look though, ya feel?  Once I stepped out of the elevator I was greeted with light, yay, and a gorgeous entry way.

V dim.
I walked up to the front desk and was immediately greeted by name and shown right where I was supposed to go.  That is a huge deal, I can not tell you the amount of time I have shown up somewhere and had to explain my entire life's story along with what a blog is before someone realized who I was and why I was there.  "Hi I'm Dani from Mermaid Waves, I am blogger,  I'm supposed to be here, yes let me pull up the emails."  For a socially fearful person like me going places as a "blogger" usually make my stomach churn so my experience at George the Salon was off to a flawless start.

I met Lindsey who was going to be doing my facial and we entered the spa area of the salon.  I love a good spa room, its like walking into an alternate, peaceful universe.  As I changed out of my clothes and looked at the bed where I would get my facial I prayed that it was heated and it was, #blessed.  I told Lindsey a little (a lot) about my skin's history, drama, drama, drama, you already know it all.  She said that she had struggled with cystic acne when she was younger, so I immediately trusted her.   Never trust people who have never dealt with acne, thats my skincare motto.  Lindsey said that her initial thought was I was over drying out my skin with different acne products / masks which instead of getting rid of my acne is causing my skin to over produce oils which just leads to more acne. AHHH.  Definitely sounds like something I would do, as I love working so hard that sometimes I work too hard.

Once my facial began I was totally transported to a place of calm and relaxation.  I got the Deep Cleansing facial in order to get my skin on track for more healing and less breakouts.  Lindsey gave me a citric acid treatment in hopes of breaking up some of the oils gathered underneath my skin.  It burned a bit but after almost 10 years of acne treatments, facials, and multiple allergic reactions, it was nothing out of the ordinary and I was able to stay totally relaxed.  Even during extractions I was able to focus on the warmth of the table and the fact that my skin was going to thank me later and stay totally chill. 🙌  Extractions are definitely not my favorite but so necessary.  I never pick or pop my pimples because its a skincare sin, so sometimes you need a professional to get in there and get the nasty out.  I mean a real professional, not your mom or your friend to touch your face with their greasy, nasty hands, that is literally so bad.  I wish I could tell you more about the experience during the facial but I was so zoned out, all I know is that it was fabulous.

Did I mention I have a fear of people touching my face? LOL I absolutely hate it.  It definitely stems from the fear of creating more pimples from other peoples oils, but the actual feeling of someone's hand skin on my face skin is revolting to me especially when I have makeup on.  Get away from my face.  This facial was so relaxing and amazing that I didn't cringe once.  After the facial we chatted a little bit about my next steps and what I should and shouldn't be doing for my skin.  I learned that I was over exfoliating, even though deep down I knew that but just didn't want to admit it.  Lindsey also suggested that I keep my skincare routine as basic as possible to prevent from over-drying as I was doing before.  That will be extremely difficult for me as I love being as high maintenance as possible and having a 25 step routine every night but it is definitely something I will try out.  If it means clear skin, I will ditch 23 out of my 25 steps.

If you are looking for the perfect escape to treat yourself and get ready for spring I highly recommend booking yourself a facial at George the Salon.  You will leave there glowing from inside out, that sounded way cheesier than planned, but for real you will.


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