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March 2, 2017

The Skincare Line You Need RN: Colleen Rothschild Beauty

Hey Merbabes! Does anyone else get in a major wardrobe rut in March? I always feel so uninspired during this awful winter to spring transitional period.  I usually end up wearing all denim all day, which is never a bad thing, but doesn't make for too exciting of a post.  I will of course be still sharing looks to help us get through the awful time together but until then I am back sharing some more beauty favorites.  Today we are talking skincare, my favorite. 

Colleen Rothschild Beauty was placed into my life by God himself, ok maybe thats a bit dramatic but just wait until you try their skincare.  I am going to be sharing with you my favorite Colleen Rothschild products, to be honest I haven't tried the entire collection but the ones I am sharing are so good I have ordered them over and over again.  Shall we begin?

The Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum is one of my favorite serums I have ever used.  Mandelic Acid is derived from the bitter almond and is a highly effective AHA, a group of natural acids found in foods.  This serum gently exfoliates skin by breaking the bonds between dead skin cells revealing your brightest skin yet! This serum promotes cellular turnover which addresses acne, dark spots, fine lines, and skin texture.

I love this serum because it is super gentle on my overly sensitive skin and yet it still gets the job done.  I tend to get super flaky, dry skin in the winter and I didn't have any of that this season, I am convinced it is because this serum is constantly ridding the skin of dead cells so there is no time for peeling.  Add this serum to your lineup or swap out your old exfoliator for something much more gentle and effective, please no plastic beads to exfoliate, please.

This next product is a new favorite for me, I'll be honest I totally bought it just for the name but Colleen Rothschild Beauty Water is about to be your new BFF.  You can use this spray at any time in the day, I like using it morning and night as part of my skincare ritual but you can also use it during the day as a quick refresher over your makeup.  Beauty Water delivers immediate and long-term hydration by reducing water loss, preserving optimal water levels in the skin, and keeping skin hydrated underneath your moisturizer.

This Beauty Water is formulated with coconut water, watermelon extract, and hyaluronic acid (my favorite ever) to keep your skin cells plumped and hydrated for 24 hours. YAY.  It actually sounds like it would make a killer drink but don't drink it please, or at least don't tell anyone I told you to drink it.

This mask my be my favorite skincare product of all time, for real for real.  The Clarifying Detox Mask by Colleen Rothschild Beauty is everything you want in a mask, in a best friend, basically just all a girl can ask for.  It is made with activated charcoal and French Kaolin clay to draw out impurities and detox your pores.  Micronized silver is used to ditch bacteria which leads to less breakouts and vitamin C soothes inflammation and brighten skin.

I use this mask once or twice a week if not more,  I like to put it on after my shower at night and leave it on while I am watching TV, it doesn't make my face feel overly tight or itchy like most masks tend to do as they dry.   I always mask on Monday nights during the Bachelor so if you were ever wondering what face mask I was wearing during my Bach rants, it was this one for sure.  The best part about this mask is waking up the next morning with glowing even skin.  I always feel my pimples are smaller if not gone, my complexion is more even, and my skin feels insanely smooth.  

This last product is not something I would normally purchase but I decided to go for it and am hooked.  I am not a picky girl when it comes to a good lip balm, anything that will make my lips not look like those of a third grader who licks their lips constantly is good for me.  The Ultimate Lip Balm is literally the ultimate lip balm, LOL but seriously.  It not only gives your lips an amazing soft my lips feel so full and fabulous when I am using this balm.  Basically Kylie Jenner Lips, but like classy.  It also has a chocolatey mint smell/taste that isn't bad either. 😉

I have been constantly updating my boutique with all my favorite new arrivals for spring so be sure to keep your eyes open!



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  11. Definitely all a must try!

  12. I've heard about them! I might give it a shot... Thanks for sharing!

  13. I need to try this! WHy have I not heard about this brand


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