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March 28, 2017

The 10 Minute Hairstyle That Will Change Your Morning

Hey Merbabes!  If you have read anything I have written before I have probably complained about doing my hair.  I can't tell you why I have such a hatred for styling my hair but I do.  Actually that is a lie, I can tell you exactly why.  I have so much hair, although it appears that I have this lovely manageable mane in my photos, in reality I have an abundant mop on top of my head.  I don't even try to do anything remotely fancy with my hair, all I aspire to do is leave the house with a smooth semi decent hairstyle.

If you go way back into the Mermaid Waves time vault you will see what kind of hair I am dealing with, back when I use to rock my hair au natural. Please click this link to see my hair in its full glory.  When my hair was long, rocking it naturally wavy totally worked, but now that I have chopped about two feet from the length in those photos the whole natural thing doesn't quite work out.  Not only does my hair not have enough length the balance out the volume, since dying my hair my curl pattern has completely changed.  I no longer have all over waves, I have a mixture of weird crimps and swirls.

I love smooth hair, that is all I could ever ask for in life.  Straightening the amount of hair I have on my head is a process and although it is definitely worth it when I take the time, recently I have not had the time or the patience to sit for an hour with my flatiron.  So...I had to get creative.  I have created the ultimate hairstyling life hack.  I don't want to call this a "lazy girl" hairstyle because I am not lazy and neither are you.  I am picky where I spend my energy, and I know I do not like to spend my energy in front of the mirror styling my mop.

This hairstyle takes 10 minutes or less, I was still in bed at 6:30 this morning and had my hair done by 6:45. #Winning.  I have natural waves so I have rocked this hairstyle with and without braiding my hair beforehand.  If you have naturally striaght-ish hair: sleep with your hair in two loose dutch braids, some people call them boxer braids, I call them dutch braids, same thing.  When you wake up in the morning take out your braids and brush the hair out.  If your hair naturally has wave to it you don't need to braid you hair, see what I mean?  I like dutch braids for this style because it gives a softer wave than french braids, which can make your hair looked crimped.

After you have gently brushed out your hair, grab your favorite curling iron.  I use a Kiss Instawave, its not the fanciest way to curl your hair but I really love my Instawave.  Its super easy to use, you simply take a section of hair, then press the button to curl in the desired direction.  Curling wands scare me because I am afraid I'll burn my fingers and my curls tend to look sloppy and fall flat when I use a curling iron so this tool is a great balance.  Again not sponsored, just sharing what I use on the daily!  I start closest to my face and grab a small section at the top of my head, I curl away from my face.  Then, I grab another chunk further back and curl the opposite direction, I do this about five times on each side of my face, going from front to back.  After the sides are complete I pop two to three curls in the back and usually two or three more on the underneath of my hair.

Once you pop all the curls in you will look strange.  The bottom of your hair is completely untouched and you have a top layer of perky curls.  Trust me, this is where the magic begins.  I use my fingers to break up the curls and fluff the bottom of my hair, then I take a hairbrush and GENTLY brush just the bottom few inches all the way around my head.  This helps the curls blend into the waves underneath.  From there I usually put on my makeup, shake out my curls another time and walk out the door.

This is seriously such a simple style and I have been rocking it almost everyday since I discovered it. As seen in literally every recent Instagram photo I have posted.  You can add as many or as few curls as you desire or have time for! This morning I probably had eight curls in total and had a more laid-back, wavy look, where as over the weekend I had more time and added more curls for a bouncier, curly style.

Try this style out and show me how it looks! XO


  1. Yes! I love how your hair looks effortlessly wavy! I am definitely going to try your style out, hehe!

    xo, Chloe //

  2. These pictures are amazing. love your blog x

  3. beautiful pictures. Love the hair by the way

  4. I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.



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