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March 8, 2017

Slip into Something More Comfortable: Sequins for Daytime

Hey Merbabe! How are you today? I am feeling pretty fabulous considering I am about to eat some vegan sloppy joes (recipe by minimalist baker), then later I am heading to the spa for some pampering.  My body currently feels like a potato chip so I am excited to relax a bit and hopefully de-crisp.  LOL.  I am all about treating yourself, like all the time.  Treating yourself doesn't have to be expensive or fancy, although it can be 😏, one of my recent favorites is soaking in a hot bath with a face mask on.  The face mask completely ups the relaxation level.  This week I also tested out a very chic golden sapphire mask that I will be sharing with you later this month, yay!  

Shop the Look:

This look is one of my favorites of recent, I love when an outfit just comes to me.  Usually I sit on the floor of my closet looking up at the hundred of pieces clothing, thinking that there is not one outfit to be created in that whole mess.  This look just seemed so natural, all the pieces work together perfectly and create a killer look.  This look is also pretty fabulous because it is perfect for this awkward transitional season period and can be worn from day to night.  

 I recently wore this ciao tee (another similar tee here) with this varsity jacket and loved the combination but I knew it had more potential.  All it needed was a few good layers, this slip dress was the perfect place to start.  I have had this sequined slip dress in my closet for a while now but I needed a break from slips.  They were overwhelming my Instagram feed, but the slip plague has calmed for the moment so I had to jump at the opportunity.  The t-shirt under the slip dress has been done literally every single way possible, although North West rocks it better than any blogger, even me.

What is a little different about this combination is the graphic peeking out over the top of the slip.  This is such a simple look to recreate, take your favorite band, middle school PE, or statement t-shirt and pop it under your slip dress.  I loosened the straps on my slip dress so it sat lower on my chest to allow "ciao" to perfectly poke through.  Its a fun way to add a little personality to any look.

I wore this varsity bomber jacket at Fashion Week and have not been able to get enough of it since.  I love throwing it on over a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, it is one of those pieces that instantly upgrades an outfit to a look.  My favorite part is the little "see you xx" embroidery on the front, it made me giggle when pairing it with the "ciao" tee.  I recently stated in an Instagram caption that "bye" was probably my most used word ever, and I think this look confirms that.

Over the knee boots quickly became a staple in my wardrobe this fall.  This pair is the latest addition to my collection.  I originally purchased these boots to wear while working retail, because a flat boot was not previously in my vocabulary and my feet couldn't last another day in heels.  I was extremely skeptical of the flat boot, and had major fears that my already short legs would completely disappear.  Well, I was wrong.  These boots are so hot and seriously comfortable, I wear them all day while being on my feet and never complain.  Seriously somedays I opt to wear these to work over a pair of Nikes.

I love wearing these boots over the one pair of skinny jeans I own. LOL. It makes me feel like a Kardashian.

Flat Boots.  Who knew.

To finish off the look I tucked my three (four?) day old hair into a faux leather dad hat.  I am so into dad hats right now, so basic yet so good.  I hate when people say they don't have the head for hats.  What does that even mean? I am pretty sure if your head is relatively round you have the head for a hat.  That being said go for the dad hat, you can rock it, I know you can.  Dad hats are the perfect piece to make any look more casual.  I am literally wearing a sequined mini dress with fishnets and over the knee boots, and it looks totally chill.  I think its chill, right?

Kill it this week babes! Show me what looks your rocking on snapchat.  




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