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March 5, 2017

Play It Cool: Easy Winter Weekend Style

Hey Merbabes!  I am back with some new looks for you (yay!), I am going to be sharing more of the looks I wear on the reg.  Of course I wear everything I share on Mermaid Waves, I'm not a poser, but I am going to be sharing what I wear to brunch, to Whole Foods, and to do other mundane daily tasks.  Honestly though, no task is mundane when you make everyday a fabulous, fashionable celebration, and thats how I like to dress.  This looks are anything but ordinary, yet simple enough to rock on the daily!  Think of your favorite It Girls - Kendall, Bella, etc; they always look insanely chic in every single shot in the Daily Mail snap story, whether they are in sweatpants or in couture.  That is not by accident, nor a result of amazing genes (which they obviously have), its about knowing how to rock that effortless, cool-girl look.  

You could look good and feel good, or you can look amazing and feel amazing.  You choose, merbabe. 

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My everyday look always starts with a pair of jeans, I like to think of denim as my signature.  While denim is also the signature of just about every american, its how you style them that makes them your own.  I love jeans and have just about every style imaginable, except I donated all of my skinny jeans because ick.  I have also chopped the hem off about 90% of my jeans, so lets hope hems don't become the new hottest thing for at least few more season.  There are a million fabulous brands you can snag amazing ($$$) denim from but honestly I am a Gap girl.  I love my Gap jeans.  This pair is one of my favorite styles to rock, its the perfect relaxed fit but not yet a boyfriend jean.  I have the same pair in a dark wash that I love to dress up with a turtleneck and a floral bootie.  That doesn't sound exciting or "dressed-up" at all but trust me, its a look.  

 I am a true fan of the t-shirt and am thrilled that sassy statement tees are making their way into the high fashion world.  These statement t-shirts take me back to my Delia's days rocking tees with french fries saying "bonjour" to a taco that said "hola" (SERIOUSLY), thank god there was not Instagram back then because that is a shirt I wore literally all the time.  I probably will think this Kylie tee is embarrassing as some point but I currently find it hilarious and relevant.

 Now that you have a solid base of your favorite jeans and a statement t-shirt, you are ready to accessorize.  How you layer up this look is the make or break, you can throw on a pair of lame shoes, a winter coat and call it a day; or you can do so much more.  When I am looking for a killer coat, I am always go for faux fur.  It is honestly the simplest way to upgrade any look. Sweatpants? Add fur. Evening gown? Add Fur.  Always add fur.  This pink faux fur jacket is one of my favorites, I seriously get so many questions about this beauty, unfortunately this exact jacket is from Urban Outfitters about four years ago.  Fortunately I found this amazing look alike for $40. 🙌

 A love a shoe that shoes off a little ankle when wearing a cropped jean, its a great way to elongate your leg when wearing a cropped pant.  Clogs are about to be the hottest shoe of 2017, just wait.  This black pair of clogs perfectly ties in the writing on the t-shirt to the sunglasses, pulling to look together from head to toe.  I finished this look with a choker than my grandma

Forever 21 is having a major, like MAJOR, sunglass moment.  I am loving this vintage inspired velvet pair, they are the perfect medium between modern oversized sunnies and smaller vintage frames.  Plus they are under $20!  I also just snagged this amazing pink pair and never want to take them off.  I always throw on one piece of jewelry before I leave the house, for this casual look I went with a ladylike choker that my grandma handed down to me!

Did you notice how amazing my hair looks? IKR, thank you! Saturdays at Sine Qua Non Salons in Chicago means $25 blowouts.  OK OK.  I got mine done at the beautiful Lakeview location, its seriously an Instagram dream.  I haven't stopped touching my hair since, it is so smooth and soft. Just how I like it!

 Sicks moves, right?  Its a joke, you can laugh.

Kill it this week babe! xoxo



  1. perfect cool girl style!

  2. You are so graceful ^^ i love the furry jacket. anyways I also do believe that there is no such thing as simple, you just have to play with it to make it more interesting and fun. I love how you styled that T-shirt and layered with some fur.

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  4. Yas girl! You kill it every time! <3

    Isobel x

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  5. love your style!
    If black off shoulder dress keeps women a sense of mystery.Then high low black lace dress shows the neat and pure of a girl.

  6. I love how you styled that T-shirt and layered with some fur.



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