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March 19, 2017

Gem Skin Care: Golden Sapphire Collection by Lionesse

Hey Merbabes! Today I am sharing with you the most chic and expensive product that has ever touched my face, ok lets be real, my entire being.  I am sure you have heard of Gem Skin Care by now and all the amazing, life changing benefits of covering your face in diamonds and pearls.  As a lover of all things extra, I aspire to put gems on my face as I imagine Paris Hilton does as part of her morning routine.

When the opportunity arose to partner with Lionesse to feature their Gem Skin Care products I was all in.  To be honest before trying Lionesse's Gem Skin Care products I could care less if they actually did anything for my skin, I was more interested in feeling like Kim Kardashian than seeing any skin improvements but I got the best of both worlds.

I received two pieces from Lionesse's Golden Sapphire Collection the Golden Sapphire Serum and the Golden Sapphire Solidifying Mask.  Clearly the ladies over at Lionesse knew me on a spiritual level because anything gold is my BFF.  When the Lionesse box arrived at my front door I immediately tore it open and was blinded by the beauty that was inside.  Lionesse is truly treating you like royalty, because you are, duh.  The packaging is just as luxe as the products themselves.  The serum looks straight out of a dream, literally if I had a dream about my dream serum that it how it would look.  The Gem Skin Care's sparkly look and packaging makes you want to put it on your face immediately, all I wanted was to look as good as the packaging does.

The Golden Sapphire serum has a lightweight consistency that gently covers your skin.  Basically it feels as amazing as you would expect a Golden Sapphire serum to.  Although I am 19 and like to think I have youthful skin, I am still obsessed with anti-aging, I believe it is the old lady trapped inside me.  This Gem Skin Care serum is specifically designed to reduce fine lines and give your skin a youthful look.  This serum is made with golden sapphire, along with vitamin C, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, a blend of fatty and amino acids known for its anti-aging properties, and Sodium Hyaluronate, very similar to hyaluronic acid but is a smaller molecule that more easily penetrates the skin.

The Lionesse Gem Skin Care Golden Sapphire Mask is definitely the coolest mask I have ever used, and I have used a lot, like a lot of masks.  It is a solidifying peel off mask that you create yourself!  It is incredibly easy to use,  I made it for the first time on Instagram live and it was a breeze.  You simply combine one packet of the Golden Sapphire powder and one packet of the Golden Sapphire gel into the small bowl, then add the Golden Sapphire hydrating capsule.  Mix, mix, mix and you have a mask.  The consistency was perfect for an easy application, not too runny or too thick.  Once I was done applying the mask, I hung out for a few minutes and my mask was completely dried.  I had never done a peel off mask before and was skeptic about how easy it would be to actually peel off.  This mask came right off, in large pieces, it only took a few moments to remove.

I should add that the mask came off without any pain unlike those dumb Facebook videos or girls ripping their faces off, that is not normal and not how a face mask should work.  When I removed the mask I couldnt stop taking selfies, which doesn't seem unusual but for me taking makeup free selfies is unusual.  My skin was radiant, I truly felt like my best self and like Paris Hilton.

I would highly recommend Lionesse's selection of Gem Skin Care if you are looking to take your beauty routine to the next level.  The Gem Skin Care line is pricy but is an investment in your beauty!  These items will also last you a good amount of time, the mask has a recommended use of once per month while the serum is about 2-3 times a week.

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    Loved it :)

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