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March 25, 2017

Double Bubble: Wear Pink like a Grown Woman (Kind of Not Really)

Hey Merbabes, remember when it was 80 degrees yesterday? Yeah me too, that was cool.  Today's rain but it is the perfect excuse for me to stay inside and get tons of stuff done.  Ok so probably not tons but there is a full page to-do list sitting next to me and I need to at least make some sort of dent.

I started off my Saturday at the gym with a couple miles on the treadmill and a yoga class.  That is going to be my new Saturday ritual, I feel so relaxed and accomplished, plus I came home to an egg sandwich and homemade baked fries.  This day is off to a such a good start I can hardly be bothered by this icky weather.  The look I am sharing with you today was inspired by yesterday sunshine has some major summer vibes.

Shop the Look:

I love Man Repeller, Leandra Cohen is one of my biggest inspirations, style wise and life wise.  Basically anything Man Repeller writes about, instagrams about, or snaps about I am 100% behind it.  Man Repeller and I have the same view on fashion, but to be honest I have probably just read Man Repeller for so long that their view on fashion has become my own, I have no problem with that.  Fashion can be serious, humorous, and unique all at the same time, its basically the philosophy behind Mermaid Waves.

That being said, when Man Repeller came out with a line of t-shirts in collaboration with Monogram, I was hyped.  In September 2016 I came in contact with Monogram for the first time at a pop-up during NYFW, I snagged their nudes sweatshirt and fell in love with their aesthetic.  The Man Repeller Fruitcake t-shirt (currently sold out, sad face) is equally confusing and fabulous, which is similar to the way I would describe myself, its a perfect fit.  Plus it comes in this bubblegum pink color which I am all about these days.

Under my bubblegum pink, fruit cake t-shirt I wore my pink, gingham button-down by Camixa.  I already gushed over gingham this month, read it here, so I won't do it again but gingham is HOT for spring.  I love Camixa shirts for their amazing quality and versatility, I have multiple shirts by Camixa that I wear over and over again.  This pink gingham button-down is the perfect piece to wear alone or to layer underneath a t-shirt like I did here.  Gingham doesn't have to be preppy, although it totally can be, this look shows that.  Distressed denim and a graphic tee can instantly transform your gingham shirt from prepster to street style star.

In honor of this fabulous weather fluke, I swapped out my cropped jeans for some even more cropped jeans.  These bermuda shorts are my favorite denim shorts I own, they are perfectly distressed and the perfect length.  As you know, I am not a fan of miniskirts therefore I am also not a fan of short-shorts.  The cut-off denim bermuda short is my favorite way to rock denim in the warmer months.  I am already stocking my summer wish-list full of denim bermuda shorts.

Short-shorts and high heels are a stellar combination but can be a little dangerous and difficult to pull off.  With a longer cut short like these denim bermuda shorts you still get the elongating effects of high heels and short-shorts but it feels less scandalous.  I haven't worn high heels all winter and to be honest it was a little shocking to my system.  These pink marabou heels are literally the dreamiest shoes ever.  They don't have to be saved for special occasions either, they look just as perfect with a pair of jeans as they do with your favorite dress.  If you ever need to feel like Elle Woods, Baby Spice, or Barbie slip on these babies and you are set.

 I accessorized this bubblegum look with my latest sunglass obsession. I know that I have been wearing these pink retro-inspired aviators nonstop on Instagram but I can not get enough.  They make every look groovy, and are selfie gold.  I thought I took a lot of selfies before but my selfie game has seriously upgraded with the help of these retro-inspired aviators.   Plus, clear colored lenses are all the rage for summer 2017, I am so excited to start building my collection within my current sunglass collection.

With my pink sunglasses I paired my shiny and new pink Le Coeur watch.  Le Coeur is a Chicago based company with beautiful, minimalist watches.  Seriously check them out or peep me on their instagram.



  1. Great styling, you are presenting in it sensational

  2. WOW!Love the look. Great idea for a few weeks from now.


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