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March 26, 2017

Ditch Your Deodorant: Why You Should Be Charcoal Masking Your Armpits

Hey Merbabes!  I have been working with the amazing ladies at Scratch Goods, Chicago based food-grade skincare, for a few months now and it has seriously turned me into such a skincare junkie.  I am so much more aware of the ingredients that I put on my skin because 70% of those ingredients get absorbed into our bodies.  Deodorants/Antiperspirants are one of the worst products that we use.  Antiperspirant stops your body from purging toxins in order to stop your armpits from sweating.  When those toxins aren't allowed to leave the body they get trapped in the lymph nodes.  I am not here to tell you that your deodorant is going to give you cancer, I am not qualified for that but I do read enough on the internet to know that having aluminum trapped in your system is not great for your health.

You know I am all about mask-ing, it is my favorite noun turned verb, duh.  I was recently told to take a vacation on face masking (thats another story) so I had to find an alternative way to get my mask on.  That alternative is to charcoal mask my armpits.

I will be honest, I sweat a lot.  I work hard and I sweat hard, the thought of ditching deodorant sounded terrifying even to someone who fully understands how bad it truly is for you.  Armpit masking and all of its amazing benefits have been on my radar for months now but I have never taken the plunge.  Today was the day.

Using a charcoal mask on your armpits not only draws out the majorly icky toxins and metals like aluminum but it also kills the bacteria that make your sweat stink.  I charcoal masked my armpits this morning and I am currently not wearing deodorant, that is unheard of for me.  Being a dancer you are sweating in close proximity to other people, that has made me a deodorant freak.  I reapply multiple times a day.  Even the slightest hint of odor has me reaching for my stick of deodorant, yes I keep one handy in my purse.   I had previously tried to switch the a cleaner deodorant but I still felt stinky, and always returned to my aluminum laden antiperspirant.  That is because I had skipped a v important step.

Add an armpit mask to your routine every few weeks and you will not only clear your system of harmful toxins but you can keep those toxins out with a cleaner deodorant and ditch your antiperspirant.  The charcoal mask won't stop you from sweating, sweating is healthy,  but it will stop your sweat from stinking which is huge win.   This post isn't sponsored so I won't tell you what to buy, but if you are looking for my recommended charcoal mask and natural deodorant, right this way.

I love Scratch Good's Charcoal Mask, I mix mine with green tea for a boost of antioxidants, and their Tea Tree Underarm Butter for fresh armpits.

To charcoal mask your armpits I recommend wearing something where your armpits are easily accessible.  I simply mixed up my charcoal mask with green tea and clay, then applied.  I tried to be somewhat classy and use my masking brush but I gave up pretty quickly and went for it with my hands.  I applied to my entire armpit region and then sat with my arms resting up away from my sides to let the mask properly dry.  It dried quickly and was pretty chill, nothing crazy or weird happened.  To remove I hoped in the shower and rinsed off with warm water.  After I got out of the shower my armpits felt amazing.  I know that is weird to say and I sure you are wondering what does an amazing armpit even feel like, I would have wondered the same thing before today.  But now I know.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!  XO


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