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March 16, 2017

Confessions of a Drama Queen: Making Peace With My Pimples

I have had acne for what seems like my entire life, I am pretty sure my first acne cream was prescribed to me when I was like nine because I was so self conscious about going to school with pimples on my face.  Looking back I am sure I had one tiny red dot but for me that felt like a death sentence.  I have tried every thing under the sun to rid myself of my spots.  Literally everything.  I have been on every prescription topical, I have tried every face mask, every serum, done all the facials, yet my face is still covered in spots.  I have cut things from my diet, I have switched my makeup, my shampoo, my laundry detergents, I have made my life revolve around my acne.  I sleep, eat, and breathe acne, its on my mind all the time.  When I wake up in the morning I can sense the new pimples that have popped up over night, without ever placing a finger on my face.  When I take a bite of one of my favorite foods all I can think about is the fact that I will probably have six new pimples within the week.  I am constantly hunting for a Snapchat filter to hide my pimples or creating new hand poses to strategically cover my blemishes and its honestly getting old.  How many times can a girl cry over a little red dot on her face.  The answer is a lot, I have cried and sobbed and cried again over nothing more than my acne.

My new years resolution was to make peace with my skin, I assumed that my skin would miraculously clear up and that this would be a piece of cake.  It is three months into 2017 and my skin still sucks.  I am going to start taking steps to making peace with my skin with or without acne starting now.

My mom always tells me that my acne is temporary which deep down I know is true but when you can't remember not having acne it is hard to see it that way.  In my mind it feels pretty permanent.  But I have slowly come to realize while I am always covered in spots, those spots are ever changing, there is nothing permanent about that.  Each day you wake up its like having a different night sky across your face, with new constellations each day.   I always loved my freckles, so why should my pimples make me cringe, in reality they aren't much different, just little inflamed freckles.

I honestly probably will never stop editing my pimples out of my photos, or choosing to cover them up with layers of concealer.  Although I don't have to hate my pimples I know that I will never love them, and that is okay.  The only thing I am looking to do is to create an inner peace with my acne, but if anyone has a remedy to zap my zits away in an instant. Hit me up.



  1. Thank you for being so raw and sharing a post like this. Not many people are brave enough to do so, but I really think it makes a big difference, even if you don't know it.

    I'm sure we all know that society has unfortunately implanted such a warped idea of how we should look, to the point where - god forbid - if we ever showed a pimple in public, it's a catastrophe! But who are we trying to impress honestly?! Aside from ourselves lolll. But seriously.

    I, too, have been struggling with acne for what seems like I literally got my first pimple at the age of 9 and I'll never forget it. I was wearing denim overalls to school that day (v chic and clearly on trend now heyy), and had a big red pimple right on my nose like Rudolph, yay.

    I immediately started going on topical medications, then oral, switching beauty and skincare products, basically everything you tried. It wasn't until I was around 20 when I gave Accutane a try for 6 months and it was a MIRACLE. I know it's not for everyone and it can be daunting at first, but have you tried it? If not, I highly recommend meeting with your derm to discuss the options. It completely erased my Accutane for a few years, then afterwards - and today - I only get the occasional hormonal pimple or if I'm neglecting to wash my skin extra good. Basically it SAVED MY LIFE. Regardless, your mom is right (moms are always right lol) and acne is temporary. So don't fret too much <3

    I'm still a bit self conscious without makeup sometimes because, like you said, I can't remember a day without acne, but I'm slowly starting to feel more and more brave leaving the house without it, and feeling beautiful doing so! Also girl you are SO GORGEOUS and I was just mentioning to my bf the other day how inspiring you are, and how I love seeing your raw, unedited photos and snaps. They're very encouraging and I encourage you in return to keep them up! We don't get to see people like this as much anymore, especially in the fashion/beauty industry where everyone is shooting up injections of some sort and warping their faces and skin-tones LOL sigh, so PLEASE DON'T STOP.

    I WANT TO SAY MORE but I feel like I've written you an essay already, so, IN CONCLUSION: Thank you again for sharing this personal bit about you and your beauty!

    ♡ Danah

    1. Danah!! This made my life. Thank you so much for your constant love and support you rock! Seriously I have read this over and over again. 💖💖💖

  2. This is a great post! It's so nice to see someone being so real. Thank you for sharing. Your are beautiful!


  3. Great post because it's so sincere and honest! Thanks for sharing. You're a great inspiration....

  4. You are gorgeous! I love that you are so real and honest in this post. xo Jana

  5. Love reading how you feel... Thanks for sharing such a real post and inspiring post!

  6. You should be proud of yourself. There aren't so many people who can embrace themselves and be out there. It's really liberating to be comfortable in our own skin.

    Courtney Bentley ||

  7. You are so pretty. Way to put yourself out there and be comfortable in your own skin!


  8. Thank you for sharing this as I know some people who I dearly love that also struggle with their pimple problems. I will share this post with them because I know they will be able to relate.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I too have struggled with acne since my early teens not just facial acne but it on my back too and I've become so self conscious. On top of my acne I have a birthmark on my face that will probably never go away. I've come to terms with that but I am still always trying like you to find new ways to get rid of my acne or birthmark. I am currently taking a pill everyday for my acne which has helped, started a chemical peel regime at my dermatologist office in chicago (I can recommend them to you) and I have been seeing a laser doctor for a while for my birthmark. I commend you for taking a picture and posting it on your blog and being so open to talking about his because I am sure it will help so many other girls who are struggling with it! Xoxo Maria

  10. Great post! u look beautiful

  11. They don't make those annoying pimples and blackheads disappear like the package promised. how to get rid of pimples


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