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March 15, 2017

Born to be Mild: Transitional Weather Look + A Fanny Pack Hack

Hey Hey Merbabe!  Happy Wednesday, how is your week going so far?  It looks like our double snow day has wrapped up and now its finally time for spring.  Maybe? Please? But honestly probably not, so I have yet another look for you to rock during this treacherous time.  I am just so over wearing sweaters, luckily for us there are so many ways to slowly break out your spring favorites while still staying weather appropriate and more importantly warm!

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 Can we just TALK about this t-shirt?  "Born to be Mild" just soak it in.  I think the reason that I find this shirt so funny is that is it so true to me.  Although I dress fabulously and act like I am cool, I am not.  I am so vanilla.  I go to bed every night before 11 and wake up every morning before 7.  My beverage of choice will always be hot green tea, I love reading books, wrapping myself furry blankets, and staring for hours at social media, all while wearing dad jeans and New Balances.

How fun is the graphic though?  I love the groovy font with the red contrasting trim.  This tee is definitely becoming one of my favorite statement tees.   See my other statement tee looks #1 and #2.  This sassy t-shirt will make the perfect addition to a pair of cut-offs for a fun festival look this summer, only if you are truly going to be mild at the festival.  Always stay true to your brand.

I also just really appreciate the word "mild", as I like to think I coined the term "mildly attractive".  To use it in a sentence: "He isn't hot, but he isn't ugly, he's like mildly attractive", that is something I have actually said out loud before, and I use that term daily.

Fun DIY life hack!  Everyone and their momma's are rocking mini cross-body purses right now,  I love my mini purse by Missco Girl. There are seriously such a fun addition to any bag collection.  Along with the rise of the mini purse is also been the return of the fanny pack.  These two pieces are so close in shape so I decided to combine them into one (with the help of Kelly of course because she is the brains behind almost everything I do).  I took my Missco Girl mini cross-body bag and unclipped the chain on one side.  Then, I simply looped the chain through my belt loops on my jeans. There was a little extra chain leftover so I just looped it over and over again around my belt loop in the front, tbh there is probably a better solution but this was a quick and easy fix!  It hangs a little lower than a fanny pack but still has that fun, fanny pack vibe.

I totally get why people wear fanny packs after  wearing my mini purse as one for a day.  It is so convenient to have all your belongings right at your crotch!  Thats me being kind of sarcastic but also kind of serious.

 With my "mild" statement t-shirt I paired my trusty, dark-wash flares.  I truly believe that you should own more jeans than anything else, but at least have a good pair of dark flares.  I have a dark blue pair (actually two) along with this black pair and I wear them equally often.  Flares are extremely elongating to your legs and dark denim is already flattering so pair them together and BAM.  Magic.  I also really adore that this pair of flares are high-rise, there is nothing worse than a pair of low rise jeans.  They seriously make me feel so exposed, high-rise jeans are perfect for achieving the beloved half-tuck look.  Just tuck in a section of your statement tee and pull it out a bit to give it a casual, cool vibe.

I couldn't keep this look too too mild so I added a faux fur coat.  Shocking I know.  I just love rocking this leopard faux fur coat.  I feel half Cheetah Girl half Mick Jagger, trust me, that is a great way to feel.  The only thing I will miss about winter is wearing faux fur.  I always try to pull out my faux fur coats half-way through July only to realize what an awful idea that is five minutes later.

Have you stopped by my Boutique lately? Lots of new spring arrivals are popping up on the daily!




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