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February 2, 2017

Nudes Over Dudes: Mixing Shades of White for Winter

Alternative Titles: 50 Shades of Beige, Bone Broth.

Hey Mer-babes! I am in a seriously good mood this morning, I have been planning out my February content, this month is looking fabulous. Between Beyonce's pregnancy announcement (I hope you've seen the whole shoot), Valentine's Day, and FASHION WEEK, February is about to kill.  I have been gathering some pieces for my Fashion Week wardrobe and of course couldn't wait just one week to show them off, my bad.  I am debuting some of my late winter / early spring purchases in this look but not all don't worry, I've got some beauties hidden up my sleeve until next week!

Shop the Look:

I am really considering posting one of my blog posts unedited because it honestly would be hilarious.  I say "like", "literally", and "seriously" between literally like every word, seriously. 😉  You babes would probably want to kill me, I don't even know if I could make it through a full post.  But for now, we are going to continue to edit as we go. 

Can we talk about this coat? Yes we can.  I have been wanting a leopard faux fur coat for years now, I am not even exaggerating.  As a faux fur lover I felt like my collection would just not be complete without one.  I paired my new leopard faux fur coat with an all winter-white ensemble.  This coat is the perfect statement piece to upgrade any look, I've said it once and I'll say it again:


It's honestly that simple, in this look I have on a sweater and cropped jeans, that is nothing out of your reach.  I went with an all white look but this coat could easily be paired with an all black look as well, think black jeans, black chelsea boots, and a black turtleneck.  An instant look, not just an outfit a LOOK.  You can tell I'm really hyped when the caps lock starts coming out.  

I am not a huge fan of the lace-up trend but I really love it on this sweater, its super subtle and not trying to be sexy.  I can't deal with pieces that play only to one "type" that why this sweater is the perfect way to rock to the lace-up trend, I don't even know if its still a trend anymore.  How many basics have to wear a piece before it stops being a trend? Not trying to be sassy, genuinely curious.

This sweater is also beyond cozy and currently half the price I paid for it.  It is actually a sweater dress but I prefer to keep my knees covered in these below freezing temperatures, so I loosely tucked it into my jeans.

Mixing whites and nudes can seem intimidating but it is no different than any other color palette.  If you do it with intention and confidence you will be able to rock it.  Style tip: try to mix it up or match it, if you want all clean white go all clean white, or do what I did and go with one white, one beige, one nude, and so on.

These cropped khaki jeans are one of my favorite pairs of denim I own.  They are truly a year round piece, you can pair them with a light tee in the summer and a pair of sneakers.  These jeans are much more fashion forward that your average white jeans due to the crop and slight off-white color, making them a perfect upgrade to your wardrobe.

SHOES! These nude block heeled booties are literally my favorite shoes ever.  The nude color is so hot right now, but also makes them a timeless staple.  I find it a little funny that ASOS has this color called "oatmeal", which is literally the least sexy color-name ever, and does not at all represent how 🔥 these booties are.  The top of the nude block heeled bootie is a super thin material that perfectly hugs your ankles showing them off just right with a pair of cropped jeans.



  1. I love how tour outfit is all nude then you pop in the leopard print and those beaut boots!

    Isobel x

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  2. I love how tour outfit is all nude then you pop in the leopard print and those beaut boots
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