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February 19, 2017

New York Fashion Week Diaries: Raindrop, Mesh Top

Hey Mer-babes!  It's Sunday, the sun is shining, and I have not one complaint in the world.  I have so many exciting projects to produce and put out soon, I can not wait to show them off to you babes.  I have been working on different projects constantly but still somehow seem so far behind!  No stress though, all the content will make it out into the internet eventually right?  How crazy is this Chicago weather we are having?  I happily walked 15,000 steps yesterday, that is seriously shocking for February.  I have had two different Via drivers tell me that it is the highest recorded temperatures in February in over 100 years, so its definitely true.  Be sure to read the full post and head to the bottom to catch the day three photo diary along with my final Fashion Week vlog!

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We have finally made it to day three of New York Fashion Week!  Day three was such a fabulous day, I can replay the whole thing in my head start to finish, and I am about to replay it all for you.  YAY.
The morning started off by heading up to Soho for brunch at Balthazar, Balthazar is the ultimate brunch destination.  Its no hidden gem and probably a bit overrated but is such a charming spot, and you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu.  I went for scrambled eggs, potatoes, and a CROISSANT.  Seriously was feeling #blessed after that meal, also I got a cute instagram shot with my croissant really just had me living my best life for the rest of the day.  

After brunch at Balthazar we walked over around the area and shot these amazing photos.  I seriously loved this spot and it created the perfect mini shelter from the rain.  It was literally pouring out but somehow it looks completely dry in these photos.  On our walk around soho we ventured over to Nolita to stop by Pietro Nolita, aka the pink restaurant you've seen all over Instagram.  We were full from brunch but couldn't resist snapping some photos outside.  Also, god bless the Smyth hotel for coming in clutch with these umbrellas.  I felt so chic walking around all day hitting signs, and people with my umbrella.

My first show of the day was Gypsy Sport, I was so thrilled to attend this show because Gypsy Sport is a brand I've known and loved for some time now, you may have seen their collection featured in a shoot on America's Next Top Model this current season.  The show was beyond inspired and relevant.  The models were shockingly diverse, I do not take that term lightly and am not one to throw that word around, more on this coming soon, it made for a seriously interesting show.  I loved that the models strutted down the runway flipping their braids, checking their phones, and taking selfies.  There was live drumming and young people sitting in the middle of the runway.

My next show was Leanne Marshall, it was beautiful as expected but honestly I had a terrible seat and spent more time trying to find the best angle to view the collection than I did actually enjoying it. You win some you lose some.  After the show I went over to meet my dear friend who is studying at Parsons.  He is working on creating a magazine for a class project and I was so honored he chose to interview me for a feature!  We had an amazing talk about personal style, confidence, and what Mermaid Waves means to me and where I see it going.  It was actually a really inspiring conversation and made me fall in love with what I do even more.

If you are confused because you have only counted that I ate one time so far you are correct.  I went the entire day (since brunch) without eating, I do not recommend this.  By the time I got to dinner at Vic's I was ready to dive in to my dinner, and that I did.  Vic's is some of the best Italian food you will ever experience, we started off with a pizza, crispy parmesan onions (to die for), and assorted vegetables that I do not remember at this point.  I literally ate myself into a food coma, I am shocked I remember anything from the rest of the trip.  After our first course we went in for some pasta, we had three different pastas that were all above and beyond and worth the immediate cheese headache I got.

My last show of New York Fashion Week was definitely my favorite.  The Namilia show was bold, brave, and honestly beautiful.  The music was on point, each person in the room was dressed to kill, and the collection was beyond my wildest dreams.  I love nothing more than being blown out of my seat with excitement to see what comes down the runway next and that is how I felt with Namilia.

For my final look of New York Fashion Week, I had to rock my vintage Levi's.  I am obsessed with these jeans, I found them in the little boys section at Goodwill and they fit like a glove.  They remind me of the current wedgie fit that Levi's is selling right now for $100 and this pair was $4. Score.  I amplified this pair of Levi's with some sassy booty patches, more of this will be coming soon.  I paired my customized vintage Levi's with a mesh top.  I love the floral embroidery on this top and loved how it looked under a white faux fur coat.  These nude ankle boots are my current favorite shoe and perfectly completed the look.  A simple denim focused look is always a good idea, it is very hard to go wrong when Levi's are the star of your look.


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