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February 13, 2017

New York Fashion Week Diaries: Pajamas and The Rolling Stones

Hey Mer-babes! I feel like I have been so MIA lately, but it is because I have been turbo content creating.  I am sure by now you all know that I spent the weekend at New York Fashion Week which has been a joy.  I am on the plane back to Chicago and feeling so full and warm inside, but maybe thats because I just ate a bagel.  We are going to rewind for a hot second and start from the beginning of my New York Fashion Week journey.  

Be sure to read the full post and check out my first ever VLOG down below!

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Wednesday night I am sitting in my closet packing and get a text that my flight for the next morning is canceled.  Okay, first of all thats probably worse than being dumped over text, I wouldn't know, LOL.  I was super bummed because I had three shows I was planning to attend Thursday night and I knew I wouldn't make it due to the snow storm, but life goes on ya know?  I am blessed enough to have lots of friends in New York who got the experience the shows for me!  Thursday morning the parents and I go to brunch, yay,  then head to the airport where we are expecting to get on the 3 pm flight.  Long story short we were numbers 50, 51, and 52 on the standby list so we did not get on the 3 pm flight, or the 4, or the 5, or the 6… you get the point.  We somehow managed to snag three seats on the literal last flight and got into New York around one in the morning.

Ok, we have arrived at Day One!  Friday started out strong with my first two shows of the weekend.  First up was Dan Liu’s beautiful autumn fairytale collection.  The show was marvelous but I was literally drowning in my own sweat and could hardly enjoy the show.  The whole weekend the venues were a fashion microwave, if I would have known that I wouldn't have packed a zoo’s worth of fur (faux DUH).  Between shows I snagged some sparkling water, took some Photo Booth shots, and took a walk around outside to de-boil (word?).  After Dan Liu was Hakan Akkaya, I had honestly never heard of Akkaya and was pretty unsure of what to expect.  I was blown away.  It was so chic, so goth, so good.  It was definitely one of the best shows I have ever been blessed enough to attend.  I love shows that incorporate menswear as well as womenswear, the more inspiration the better.  

After the shows I met the parents for lunch at Santina, one of our favorite spots.  Santina is always a joy, not only is the food 1000 the decor is to die for.  I had poached eggs, potatoes, and toast, my go to meal.  After lunch we walked over to Exhibitionism the Rolling Stones exhibit.  Exhibitionism was by far the most aesthetically pleasing exhibit/tribute/museum experience I have ever been to.  The highlight for me was for sure the style section featuring all of the Rolling Stone’s most iconic looks, that could have been a whole runway show on its own.  I want nothing more than wear everyone of Jagger’s jumpsuits, talk about street style.

We walked back to the hotel and stopped for a quick recharge, sock change (it was quite wet and slushy out), and a cup of tea then went back out for dinner.  The only thing I scheduled besides my shows were meals.  I don’t take my meals lightly and like the make sure that I make the most of my down time.   Lafayette was the plan for dinner Friday night, Lafayette is a lovely french restaurant in Noho.  We had veggies and pasta another staple meal for me, I usually order everything without cheese and pasta is an easy dish to customize for all my needs.  The real highlight of Day One was walking over to Van Leeuwin for ice cream.  If you have never had Van Leeuwin's ice cream you need to run not walk to whole foods or order yourself a pint online.  They have the best vegan ice cream of all time, for real.  I had dark chocolate and turmeric palm sugar cookie, I can still taste them now.  So dreamy.

My day one look came in super clutch after that O'hare nightmare and early morning arrival to New York since it was a pair of pajamas.  I wore a pajama jumpsuit by J. Crew (currently $60), I highly recommend this piece for your wardrobe.  You can literally roll out of bed, throw on a chic faux fur coat and head to brunch.  Very ideal for Sunday Style.  Over my pajama jumpsuit I wore a white faux jacket, I love the contrast of the glam fur with the relaxed fit of the pajama jumpsuit.  This look was a fashion week dream as is any look that strategically incorporates gym shoes, hallelujah.  I chose my Comme des Garcons Play kicks for a little nod to the upcoming holiday.  I'm talking about Valentines Day.  Messy third day hair and gold accessories completed this look.  

Head to the bottom of this post for my first ever VLOG!  I took you babes with me all the way through my Day One at New York Fashion Week!

Day One Snapshots:

NYFW Day One Video Diary

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  1. I quite enjoyed reading all of this! Your making me hungry and it's only breakfast time here in the uk! Good idea wearing that outfit so your 1. Stylish & 2. Comfortable! The Rolling Stones exhibition place sounds cool but it's not my sort of museum/exhibition. I can see you had an awesome time at New York fashion week!

    Isobel x

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