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February 16, 2017

New York Fashion Week Diaries: Blowouts and Bombers

Hey Mer-babes!  Happy Thursday.  I have no idea where this week has gone, how has it already been a whole week since I sat in an airport cart for hours waiting to fly to NYFW? I am not neglecting you I have just been crazy busy with lots of exciting projects! No complaints here.  At this point I am sure  you have already read the full run-down of Fashion Week Day One, if not head there first then come back for New York Fashion Week day two!

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Plus head to the bottom of this post to see my Day Two VLOG!

Day two of New York Fashion Week was just as fabulous as day one, if not even better.  It was the perfect chill / hustle balance, but honestly it was mostly chill, no complaints there.  I started off my morning at Amika Style Blow in Brooklyn getting my mermaid waves in place for the day.  I personally hate doing my own hair, its the literal worst, so having my hair done by Amika was such a treat.  We went for an undone, wavy, romantic look to match the feel of my outfit.

After my blowout I got ready in my look for the day, and walked over to the Westfield World Trade Center mall.  I feel weird calling it a "mall" because "mall" has such a nasty suburban connotation, and "malls" typically make me itchy.  I did not itch at this mall because it is beyond beautiful, and full of light!  This overlook was the perfect spot to shoot some photos and take in the views.  

While Kelly was snapping photos, Dan was downstairs in line at the Tommyland pop-up.  If you are new to Mermaid Waves, Kelly and Dan are my parents, they will come up quite often.  The Tommyland pop-up was a photo station where you could pose with props and create a 360 moving photo, like they do on the E red carpet.  It was so fabulous, check out my video below in my Day Two VLOG!

After the mall extravaganza, I grabbed a quick snack and was off to my first show.  I was super excited to see Yuna Yang's autumn/winter collection.  Yuna Yang was the first ever New York Fashion Week show I attended and I have seen her show each year after that!  I arrived at the venue which was next to Doughnut Plant, which I honestly should have gone to instead. LOL.  The line was super long and the venue was tiny, I loved the unique space but unfortunately for me that meant awful views.  The show hadn't started and didn't seem to be starting so after 30 minutes of waiting around in a dark corner I left.  I had a lunch date at one of my favorites spots in the city and was not missing out of my falafel.

Lucky enough for me and my tiny bladder, I stopped by the restroom on my way out and the models were all lined up ready to walk.  Although I didn't stay for the show the collection was beautiful and I felt so lucky to get a behind the scenes peek!   Then I made my way over to West Village to grab lunch at Taim with a friend.  Taim is the ultimate destination is you are a falafel fan, or even if you aren't because you definitely will become a fan.  We each had a falafel sandwich and shared an order of fries.  I highly recommend ordering fries at every opportunity possible, they complete every meal.

After lunch I went over to shoot some photos with a Sola of Lifestoned Adventures, at Skylight Clarkson Square one of the official NYFW venues.  It is a hub of energy over at Skylight and was lucky enough to hang out there for shows each day.  I know people complain and mock the street style photographers running in the middle of the road to catch bloggers, editors, and celebrities make their ways to the shows but it is my favorite part of New York Fashion Week.  I love crossing the street and hearing the cameras clicking, but I also love when a more recognizable face walks out and everyone runs to them.  Its quite humbling to say the least when every photographer ditches you to snap photos of someone with 100K or more Instagram followers.  I saw so many amazing people that I admire so much over the weekend and it was an honor to be in the same room as them.  Kelly Cutrone even touched my back before a show, I was not ok.

Later that day, I met back up with Kelly and Dan for dinner at The Smile. ****  This was definitely a new favorite for us and somewhere I can not wait to go back to.  It was a tiny spot in Noho and totally under the radar.  The food was amazing of course, I had a tagliatelle with an eggplant ragu, to die for.  They made it for me without cheese and it was so incredibly creamy I almost didn't believe them.  After dinner at The Smile I was back to Skylight Clarkson Square for the Francesca Liberatore show.  The show was packed with people and the collection was stunning.  It was full of classic silhouettes but all with a modern twist.  My favorite pieces featured colorful stripes and were bold yet elegant.

I via-ed back to the hotel where a vegan berry pie was waiting for me from By Chloe.  What else could I girl want in life?  Nothing.  Day Two came to a sweet complete!

*** I totally forgot to mention that I got lost stranded in the financial district.  My car dropped me off on Broadway, not W Broadway, over a mile and a half from our hotel.  I could not even figure out how to find the streets on the GPS on my phone, and ended up in the middle off Wall Street surrounded by tourists, the roads were blocked off so I couldn't have tried to get in another car if I wanted to.  I had to get Kelly and Dan on the phone both guiding me back to Tribeca where we were staying, checking in literally at every block.  It was hilarious and tragic at the same time, somehow I managed to keep my cool and not cry, which is a big deal for me.  I clearly did not have the best outfit  or shoes on for walking, which I why I took a car in the first place but I ended up being dropped off further from my hotel than I had even started. LOL.

For my second day of New York Fashion Week I went with a classic Mermaid Waves look; a little girly, a little edgy, always trendy.  This spotted, fit and flare, mesh, maxi dress is possibly the dreamiest piece I have ever bought, it is $103 which is more than I would usually spend on a piece from ASOS but was so worth it.  It looks way more expensive that it actually is and will be the perfect party piece for rooftop events in the summer.  The nude mesh is so on-trend but this version 100x classier than any "naked" dress out there.  I love pieces with great movement and this dress gave me exactly that,  I felt like I was floating around the city even though in reality I was dragging my poor dress through puddles of slush.    It is going to need a solid power washing before I will be wearing it again.  

I paired an oversized bomber with my nude, fit and flare, maxi dress.  My favorite aspect of this bomber is the embroidery, I just adore the address across the back along with the tiny "see you xx" on the front of the bomber.  I have seen so many bombers lately the thought of a bomber honestly makes me cringe but this bomber has more of a varsity jacket feel and is far more unique than the satin bomber plaguing closets across america.  My bomber is from Zara and was on major sale, but I've linked a similar style here for under $100! I paired my patent nude booties with this look.  These booties came in extra handy in the nasty New York slush, while still keeping me looking chic.  

Photo Diary:

Day Two Vlog:



  1. Love your dress in this post! Wish the weather wasn't so awful for NYFW! We've had such a mild winter until then.

    1. Thank you! The weather was rough but I love NY so its always worth it!

  2. LOVE this dress! And that bomber jacket is so cute! I also went down to the Oculus for the first time. It is so cool!
    xo Jessica

  3. I hope you had a blast at NYFW! I wish I could have gone this season!

  4. That dress is seriously amazing! I love how you styled it! Happy friday!


  5. Your dress is gorgeous babe! I love it :)

    -xoxo, Azanique

  6. What a cute look! Looks like you had a great time!

  7. Beautiful dress on you! The color goes so well with your skin tone!

  8. Love this look on your Instagram and am thrilled to see it in all it's glory again. That varsity jacket is so frickin' stellar!

    xoxo - Kelly

  9. I'm obsessed with that dress, it looks amazing on you! So glad you had fun at NYFW, I'm hoping to make it one day!

    XO, Kim

  10. Sounds like you had a amazing time! Great photos

  11. I came across your blog randomly and I'm so glad I did, love it! Feeling so sorry that you got lost, it happens to me all the time when I come somewhere new. :D

    Sending love, Uniqa

    1. Yay! Glad you stumbled upon Mermaid Waves!


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