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February 28, 2017

Locks of Love: Personalized Hair Care with Function of Beauty

Hey Merbabes!  I am so hyped to share my latest find with you, it may be due to the extreme amount of matcha I have consumed today, but this brand is seriously amazing.  I decided to treat myself today (because its FAT TUESDAY my favorite holiday) by stopping at Starbucks and getting a matcha.  A matcha at Starbucks really means a huge plop of matcha powder in ice water, but there is just something about it.  I order matcha powder made with water and that is literally what you get, it doesn't need milk or sweetener, its perfect on its own.  It is like my version of a Big Mac, so bad its good.  Disclaimer: I have never had a Big Mac and can not confirm that a Starbucks matcha is anything like a Big Mac but in my mind that analogy works.   I am currently seeing stars from the amount of caffeine I have consumed so hold on tight because this post will probably have a lot of CAPS LOCK and exclamation points. YAY.  

Keep reading for more on the coolest haircare line and a link for $5 off your purchase.

Function of Beauty is literally the coolest brand in haircare right now.  I had seen their ads on Instagram featuring beautiful bottles of rainbow shampoo and conditioner and probably liked the ad 1000 times and just kept scrolling as one does on Instagram.  Then, my brilliant mother decided to check them out after seeing their ad and we were both in love.  When you visit Function of Beauty's site you are immediately prompted to take a haircare quiz.  The quiz starts by asking you about your hair, the type, structure, and moisture level; my hair is wavy, fine, and my scalp has a pretty normal moisture level.  After you build your hair profile you are then asked your hair goals; I selected color protection (where my bottle blonds at?), oil control, anti-frizz, replenish hair, and thermal protection.  The next step was really the winner for me, you get to pick the colors of your shampoo and conditioner.  I went with pink and purple, OBVS*.  You also get to select your fragrance and the name of your formula.  My formula is titled Function of Mermaid, chic right?


I thought the online experience was super exciting until I got my package in the mail.  Ok, so Kelly actually got hers first because she ordered it right away while I waited around with the order sitting in my cart for a few days.  Does anyone else do that? I always have multiple tabs open with shopping carts full of stuff that I either eventually order or accidentally close the tab and forget about.  Your shampoo and conditioner arrive in a gorgeous mint green box that says the name of your formula right on the front.  THEN, you open the box and it reads in big letters "CELEBRATE INDIVIDUALITY" um yes please and thank you.

In the box along with your custom shampoo and conditioner you also receive a booklet of your hair profile and hair goals.  On the inside it lists all the active ingredients in your products and what each one does!  Function of Beauty uses amazing, natural ingredients like tea tree oil and avocado oil along with being sulfate free which is something v important to me because sulfates are not good for acne prone skin.   If your shampoo doesn't say sulfate free ditch it now.

I have been using my Function of Mermaid shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now and my hair feels amazing.  I hate styling my hair so I like to style it once or twice a week at most, that being said, I go a few (or more) days between washes.  Keeping my hair looking fresh and clean between washes in a must and last week I went four days without a wash, that was a new record!  The formula feels super light on my hair and my hair has been drying with a fabulous natural wave with little to no frizz.

Function of Beauty is also an amazing price point, you can get both 16 oz shampoo and conditioner for $41 with my referral code!  Click any of the links in this post and you will get $5 off your first order! YAY.  You an also order just a shampoo or conditioner for $25!  Haircare always seems to take a back seat to skincare and other aspects of the beauty world but it definitely deserves the same amount of love.  Especially if you dye your hair or use any kind of heat tools. Girl I am looking at you cause you know you skimp on haircare!  Now is the time we start treating our hair as well as we treat our skin.

Head over to Function of Beauty to create your custom formula! This post is not sponsored I just thought this brand was way too cool not to share!



  1. This looks like an amazing product!!

  2. Will do anything to wash my hair LESS! Love this!


  3. Oh my goodness YES! This is my first time to your blog and I'm in love!! These hair things literally go perfectly with your brand and theme - TOO CUTE!

    xo, jess


  4. oh wow these look so pretty!!

  5. Wow, this looks so amazing! I will definitely be checking this out. I love your blog by the way! :)

  6. Looks amazing! I am also so reluctant to try out new hair products- but these look amazing

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  8. Function of Beauty is the BEST!!! I'm so glad to see you blogging about it too because it's one of the coolest brands out there!! So fun to read about what other people's hair goals are... is that weird?? lol! xx


  9. Sounds like an amazing product! I love the packaging!


  10. I've heard so many good things about it. I will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers, J

  11. That is really cool! First time hearing about it and im definitely intrigued. Thanks for sharing your review.
    Victoria | www.thesoutherntrunk.com

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  14. I'm so glad to see you blogging about it too because it's one of the coolest brands out there!!



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