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February 5, 2017

Its Just an Illusion: How to Ditch Pants for Good

Hey Mer-babes!  Happy Super Bowl Sunday, LOL as if.  I'm only in it for the food and Lady Gaga, I don't want to brag but I picked out the most beautiful bag of golden tortilla chips at Whole Foods yesterday and I'm going in on those.  I am so ready to kick off this week because Thursday I leave for Fashion Week and I am beyond pumped.  Be sure you are ready for #content overload, I am talking Snapchats, Instagram live, Facebook live, Boomerangs, DAILY VLOGS, its all happening.  Be sure you are following along on all my channels and get ready to take on Fashion Week with me!

Shop the Look:

I may have gone a little nuts at the Zara sale on Friday but is that really my fault?  No.  Zara is my current obsession, they are so on brand these days and literally killing the fast fashion game.  I highly recommend you run to your nearest Zara or at least head to their website because it seems as if 80% of the store is $9.99.  I got this t-shirt dress from Zara on Friday for $9.99 and it is such a winning piece.  I originally was planning on wearing is over a pair of cropped jeans with these star tights underneath and then I realized it could totally stand on its own.  Which honestly made me love it even more, I love a solid t-shirt dress, as it is my preferred type of mini dress.

Lets just take a moment and try to picture me in a body-con dress, LOL I can't even see it.  

The thing I really love about the t-shirt dress is the sleeve detailing, I love the different fonts and colors on each sleeve and the text is seriously 💯.  One sleeve says "please consider me a dream" while the other says "please consider me an illusion".  I love any piece of clothing with words that only slightly makes sense, its a little confusing, a bit off putting and thats what makes it so perfect.   I feel like I not only described this t-shirt dress but I also just described myself. 💁

These tights though, a solid investment to my wardrobe all the back from my middle school days.  I pair of sheer patterned tights are always a win in my eyes.  I have worn these with so many different pieces and in literally so many different ways you wouldn't even believe.  My next idea is to layer them under a pair of distressed or cropped jeans instead of fishnets!  Stars are seriously shining right now (GET IT?) and are about to be the hottest pattern of 2017 so snag these star tights while you can.  Ok "snag" is probably not the most appropriate word to use when talking about tights, but gently get your hands on a pair ASAP.

Mini t-shirt dresses can seem intimidating to pull off, trust me I totally understand, remember I have a fear of showing my knees.  I like to pair tiny dresses with a flat shoe, it will give the illusion that you are not showing as much skin as you really are.  Heels are amazing and give the illusion of legs for days which can make even an innocent t-shirt dress seem scandalous, if you are looking for a more grocery store appropriate look swap out your heels for a pair of flats, like these oxfords.  I love a pair of oxfords because they still add a bit of height while giving you that classic silhouette.

I seriously loathe ballet flats, I'm not sure if its because I wear real ballet shoes everyday of my life or because they are seriously unflattering but I suggest you invest in a chicer flat and a pair of oxfords is the perfect place to start.  YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN BALLET FLATS.

Happy Super Bowl of Guacamole Sunday babies! Be sure to follow along on all my channels to join me on my New York Fashion Week Journey! 


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  1. This outfit is so cool! And I mean... can you really help it if Zara has a sale? It's the best time of the year, lol!

    Gisel |

  2. Those tights are so fun! Such a cute look!


  3. What a fun and edgy look, you pull it off so well!

    x - Leah

  4. Have so so so much fun at Fashion Week!!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  5. I totally agree that Zara has great pieces at such affordable prices. Your tights are so fun and I hope you have so much fun at NYFW!

    Cheers, J

  6. Those tights are SO fun! They fit your style perfectly!


  7. You really took your time with this outfit. We love it :-)

  8. Great post love the outfit.... Have a amazing time at fashion week!

  9. You are Rocking it Mer-Babe! You are so beautiful even in an edgy outfit!
    have a great time at the fashion week!


    Courtney Bentley ||


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