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January 7, 2017

What Else: How to Stay Cute in the Depths of Winter

Hey Mer-babe! Have you been noticing some new things happening around Mermaid Waves? A beauty and a lifestyle post have dropped this week, and there will be lots more where those came from.  Now, when you visit Mermaid Waves you will be getting the entire Mermaid Waves lifestyle experience, the emphasis will still be on fashion, my first love, but with lots more to accompany that. More V exciting news, I now have a real domain, when you want to check up on Mermaid Waves you can just enter "MERMAIDWAVES.CO".  No double "s", no .blogspot.com, not even a .com, its that chic. Not only is there tons of new and exciting content heading your way, but now it is even easier to access.  
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I hope you are not in Chicago right now because it is beyond frozen here, I'm talking painful to step outside, but when winter goes low we go chic, first lady material, am I right?  I am having a Zara obsession right now, why is it sooo good? and so affordable?  Although it is at the point where it is just that good that I want to buy everything and it no longer becomes affordable, you feel?  I love this Zara tee shirt, it reminded me of Justin Bieber tour merch and I loved the glitter, obvi.  The sleeves on this tee are also extremely adorable but I was not taking off my faux fur, sorry babe.  I'll do a lot for Mermaid Waves but short sleeves in 9 degree weather was not happening.  The tee says "what else" which I love.  That is literally my motto; "what else can I eat?", "what else should I wear?", "what else should I watch?".  The list could go on and on, but in the end I am always wanting more.

I paired my faux Bieber tee with these amazing flared-hem jeans.  The tiny flare is the perfect alternative for you if you are afraid to dive right into bell-bottoms.  I finished off this all black ensemble with a heart choker and shiny black boots.  I recently saw an article that the choker has died, seriously? How out of touch are some of these fashion magazines, the choker is living right now, like it or not.  

You know I would leave you hanging with such a simple all black look, I had to spice it up with this amazing faux fur coat.  A bold faux fur coat, or two, or three, are essential to your winter wardrobe.  Not only will you be seriously cozy but you will be the chicest one strutting (not shivering) down the street.  Shop my favorite statement fur coats above.

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  1. I wish I knew how to change my blog URL! It'd be really helpful if I knew how to! Why are you not a model yet? Love this outfit on you!

    Isobel x

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    1. Thank you sweetheart! I actually just bought a domain and connected it to my old URL.

  2. This outfit is EVERYTHING. Keep rockin' it.

    XO Emma | www.emmalenhart.com

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