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January 10, 2017

Runaway Prom Queen: Photo Diary with Laudi Vidni

Hey Mer-babes! I hope your week is off to a killer start.  It feels like this week is finally back to real life after a whirlwind of holiday cheer.  TBH I am not mad about it at all, I love getting back into my daily routine.  I love making daily to-do lists and planning out everything from my morning workout to the emails I am going to send.  Seeing things laid out on a piece of paper works wonders for me, when I have things swirling around in my head I usually end up in tears saying something like "I'm just really overwhelmed"; but the moment I write things down and see that in reality its only four tasks it seems much more manageable.  

 I am so excited to share this shoot I did with Laudi Vidni back in December.  Laudi Vidni is all about individuality, its literally "Individual" spelled backwards, cute right?  As literally the #1 fan of "being yourself" I was so excited for this project.  The coolest part of Laudi is that you can completely customize your bag, you pick out the style then pick your leathers.  It's like the Yumiko of handbags.  (Its a dancer thing, if you know you know.)

I picked out this Brio Bucket Bag for the shoot, the geometric blue leather and the pop of magenta is what really spoke to me. 🙌  To match a bag this bold I knew I had to go bold, but I also wanted to let the bag shine.  I paired my sophomore year prom dress, T God I had good taste right?, with a shrunken leather jacket.  The contrast of the tulle skirt with the edgy jacket and bag are giving me so much life.  

What does your dream bag look like? Let me know in the comments below!!

Photos by: Kohl Murdock



  1. You absolute stunner! Love the black skirt the most! My dream bag is either a channel bag or a Valentino bag Hehee

    Isobel x

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  2. You looking so pretty in this pictures :)

  3. You rock that All black out ! The mix of edgy and feminity is such amazing !

  4. The brand really had a unique name i thought it's a french word, anyways your TUTU is so amazing and so dramatic in a good way. I always wanted to have a tutu on my own but i can't find any cheap and cute LOL! in regards with your blog post I'm still on a holiday hangover LOL. This month of January is my month of lazyness to do everything good thing for you that you are still on the run to do your to do list ^^


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