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January 13, 2017

Playing Favorites: Week of January 9

Hey Mer-babes! This week has been a whirlwind, how is it already Friday?! Not that I am complaining.  I started back up dancing with Elements Contemporary Ballet after a luxuriously long and indulgent break, ok not really, I danced way too much over my "break" for it really to be considered a "break".  My body on the other hand feels like it was the first time I stepped in the studio, ever.  This week I also filmed my first workout video, I am so excited to start my YouTube journey, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a video.

I have been incorporating a lot more lifestyle content than usual and want to you what you babes think!  Remember that you can always Instagram or Snapchat message me with your thoughts on a post, content requests, or anything your heart desires! Except asking me out on a date, if you ask me out through snapchat its 100% a no, if you ask me out any other way its probably still a no.  I have no time for that nonsense people. 💁  Now let us begin with this weeks favorites!

J. Crew Sale

While it may seem like nothing is happening in the shopping world right now, big things are happening over at J. Crew.  J. Crew is having a killer sale with up to 70% off.  Use code SHOPNOW at checkout for an additional 40% off your sale items! I just snagged a jumpsuit and a tee for $60.

Dressing like a Dad

LOL, but actually.  My go-to daytime look these cold winter days is a tee or sweater with my favorite Levi's and my New Balances.  Simple and Dad-Chic.  I love pairing this look with a fur coat (as seen up top) or with my sassy multi-colored parka to up my street-style cred, it makes the look a little less dad and a little more rad.

Golden Globe Looks

The epitome of class and elegance.  I love maternity style when done right and this is so so right.  Also can we talk about this color, so bold yet so feminine and dainty.  

This is the photo that you need to pull out when you're having a bad day, like you literally can't not smile while looking at Janelle Monae in this look.  Pearls as a hair accessory is definitely what 2017 needed, I can not wait to try that out.    

I am going to come out and say that this dress was the best thing that came out of La La Land.  As a performer and supporter of the arts I wanted nothing more than to love this movie, but I didn't.  I thought High School Musical was done more artistically and had better choreography.   She deserved the Golden Globe for this dress though, stars are about to be the hottest thing this year.  I promise you.  

Hi, my name is Lily Collins and I am a real life princess.  That is all.  Best look I have seen in a long long time.  Ok, now that is all.  

New Balance 247

A photo posted by NOTRE SHOP (@notre_shop) on

I had such a fabulous time at the launch of the New Balance 247 gym shoe at Notre in West Loop, I am always down for an event with a Snapchat filter.  These shoes are seriously gorgeous and are completely sold out.  LOL, thats disappointing, my intention was definitely not to tease you with these beauties just for them to be unavailable, but I will keep you posted if they get restocked.  Notre in West Loop is a spot you need to add to your list of "things to do", its a stellar space filled with amazing menswear pieces.

Shape of You

Ed Sheeran has been the love of my life since middle school.  I have seen him every time he has been in Chicago except once and I felt seriously guilty about it.  I listened to this song for the first time on the train today and have been singing it ever since,  Ed's still got it.  



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