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January 12, 2017

Love Yourself and Your Life: YOUTUBE CHANNEL + Best Butt Ever

Hey Mer-babes!  I just finished filming my first fitness YouTube video and I am seriously so excited.  YouTube is going to be another spot that you can head to when you need some inspiration, whether it fitness, food, or fashion, I have got you covered.  I want you to live the life you have always dreamed of living and I am not just going to say it.  I am going to help you make it happen, we are going to create our dream lives together!

The first video on my channel is a booty blast workout!  Growing up as a skinny ballet dancer I had no butt, I literally used to call myself "negative booty" because it was true.  As ridiculous as it sounds I wanted nothing more than to have a Kim K booty.   My resolution for 2016 was to have a butt, and a year later I think I did a pretty solid job.  As small as this example may seem, setting any size goal and achieving is the best feeling.  That is why my first video is all about the booty.

I am really excited to dive more into the fitness and health vertical, because it is something I truly believe in.  I want you to feel amazing and confident about your body; for me I found that confidence through working out.  When you realize how truly strong your body is you gain such a different appreciation and love for it.  I have started cycling, running, and doing lots of strength training on top of my usually ballet schedule, and I am truly more in love with myself than ever.  I haven't lost weight (thank God) or magically changed my body, but I have gained lots of confidence and a little (lot) bit of muscle too.  I want you to walk by a reflective surface, check yourself out and say "yasss" every single time.

This video is made up of the moves I do on the daily.  You can do this workout in your dorm room or your living room and there is no equipment necessary.  In under 15 minutes your booty will be burning like it has never burned before.  Turn on your favorite workout playlist grab your yoga mat and LETS GET PEACHY!

With all this being said check out my first workout over on the YOUTUBE! Let me know what you want my next video to be!



  1. Such lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always...

  2. Will be trying this tonight! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Lauren

  3. You look so fantastic! I love your athletic wear --- thank you for inspiring to continue to exercise even when it is so dang cold!
    xo Debbie |

  4. Looks amazing Congrats!


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