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January 22, 2017

Layer Player: Mini Skirt and Oversized Fur

Hey Mer-babes! Can we talk about the weather in Chicago this weekend, what a dream!  I am actually smiling in most of these photos, which is unusual because I am usually fighting back tears due to the cold.  Do you ever find that one piece that is just so perfectly you, you can't stop wearing it? That is how I feel with this coat.  I went through a panic (not usual) this morning because I felt like this coat completed my look, but I had just blogged this coat

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Needless to say I got over it, if you love it you should wear it over and over again, seriously.  That doesn't make you an outfit repeater either, you should always have multiple looks at the ready for each piece you own, or else don't buy the piece!  That is my biggest shopping downfall, I dream big about this one look a piece would be perfect for, most of the time it is for a super specific occasion or requires three other pieces I don't already own.  Most likely you will end up wearing it once, or never even wearing it to begin with.  Moral of the story: if you like it wear it over and over again.

I am back in fishnets today but in a totally different capacity than last weekend, I didn't just show off a little net at my ankles,  I went full on leg.  I have this weird feeling about mini skirts, I will happily show of my legs in a bathing suit or a leotard when dancing, but the moment I put on a mini skirt, dress, or pair of short shorts, I feel weird.  I can't quite describe it, but its not my favorite feeling.  I have been seeing this look all over lately, the oversized fur coat and the mini-mini skirt on ladies like Rihanna and Chiara Ferragni.  Since these babes are my icons I put my aversions aside and rocked the mini.

I love this mini skirt's raw hem and dark denim, that is what drew me to it initially.  I told you earlier I am a dreamer when it comes to shopping, I could see all the amazing possibilities for this skirt so I bought it, but I hate mini skirts.  *Eye rolls into eternity*  This skirt can be rocked with a velvet camisole (linked my current favorite), or an oversized sweater for a grungier look.   A simple pair of black fishnets do wonders for the legs, like check out the calf definition I have going.  They simultaneously keep your legs covered, hiding any surface imperfections, while still showing off the amazing curves of your muscles.  That is a huge deal for me,  my legs are on the more muscular side and I hate when they just look like leg chunks, I want to show of that definition I work so hard for!

On top, I went with a simple black turtleneck, my winter wardrobe staple.  If you ever catch me IRL there is like a 90% chance I'm wearing a black turtleneck.  They are not only super chic, but can be worn with a pair of boyfriend jeans and New Balances, or with cropped jeans and a block heeled bootie.   We all know I am obsessed with this coat and I am so sad to say it is no longer available. I have been searching the internet for the next best thing, and here are three pieces I discovered; a lavender beauty, a peachy piece, and a leopard lovely.  Any of these coats would look killer with an all black ensemble like this one, or honestly anything you pair with them.

Last but not least these BOOTS! Funny story about these boots, I ordered them for my birthday photo shoot and received them the day before the shoot in a size 8.  While that doesn't seem unusual I am a size 5.5 to 6, of course I had literally planned my look around the shoes, so I am wearing giant shoes in all the photoshoot photos.  I finally received the second pair of boots in the correct size and can now comfortably wear them out, hooray!

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  1. Fantastic post, I very like your style :)

    new post

  2. I find it very cute . .. Really nice :) Amazing total look
    I love so much this your looking :)♥

  3. I'm in love with this look! Totally agree with you about wearing items over and over. That's the whole point of smart shopping haha.

  4. That furry coat is EVERYTHING! Love how colorful it is!
    xo Jessica

  5. Love the fur, you pull off this outfit amazingly!

    x - Leah

  6. Die for this look girl!!! So So street wear chic!

    I LOVE!

  7. Your coat is so chic! I love it

  8. One can never go wrong with an oversized fur!! You look fabulous :)
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  9. Just discovered your blog, and I’m in LOVE with it! Amazing layout an content.
    Love your style, you rock!!

  10. So fun! This outfit looks great on you and I love how edgy!


  11. This is perfect street style! Love that you wore the coat and re-styled it! It definitely completes the outfit, girl :)
    xoxo, Jenna
    Boston Chic Party

  12. Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back:)


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