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January 1, 2017

Bye Bye Trends of 2016: The Items You Need to Ditch for the New Year

Hey Mer-babes! Welcome to the New Year.  I love a good wardrobe purge, it keeps things fresh and gives you the perfect excuse to shop.  In December I donated about six garbage bags of old clothes and feel like a new woman.  I had so many clothes that just screamed high schooler and I couldn't deal.  If I still have to have the high school acne, I couldn't have the clothes too.

 Now, when I open my closet up I am greeted by clothes that I actually want to wear, crazy right!?  Your clothes will love you so much more when they are not crumpled into little balls (so so guilty) but actually have room for them to be nicely folded and stored.  Have you ever thrown on a shirt and it literally will not un-crumple?  That is a sure sign that you need to reorganize your closet.  The best part about clearing out your closet is being able to see what you really need, like that new top you have been eyeing (you NEED it).

The new year is upon us, and the new year means new trends, the good and the bad; but it also means saying toodles to the trends of the past year.   I have created the ultimate guide for your next closet clean out, AKA what to ditch for 2017.  Some of these trends were born in 2016 and some have been going on far too long and need the final boot.  Obviously these all all my opinion, so don't get your feelings to hurt, its just a friendly suggestion.


The time has come to put on our big girl pants, LITERALLY put on pants.  I love leggings for working out, but that is the only time you should be wearing them.  Do you seriously need four-way stretch to get groceries? The answer is no, you do not.  

Fake Flair

I love patches and pins and would cover my entire life in them if I could.  But the whole faux patch thing is really killing flair's flair.  If you want your denim jacket to be covered in funky patches, you need to pull out the iron and do it yourself.  

Cold Shoulder Tops 

Why? Why? Why? Aren't your shoulders actually cold? Is the little round part of the shoulder all of the sudden considered a sexy body part?  I have so many questions but in the end, it is a no from me. I am all about completely off the shoulder though, collarbones always win in my book.  

Champagne Graphic Tees

We get it.  You're fancy.  The "champagne" on a sweatshirt thing just doesn't really count as fashion in my book.  Sorry Mom Bloggers, but its a little overdone. 

Over Highlighting (and Contouring)

Sorry babe, but let your beauty shine from inside out.  Hit that cheekbone with a little bit of shimmer and walk out the door.  Unless you are about to be photographed by the paparazzi there is literally no reason you need to walk out of the house with a full on contour.  Those cheekbones aren't fooling anyone.  



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