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December 2, 2016

Mixing Animal Prints While Staying Chic: It Is Possible

Greetings Mermaids, Happy December!  Who else is a Sagittarius babe?!  I am just living for this month so far. Ok, so its the second day but just go with me on this one.  I have been working on some very exciting projects coming soon to Mermaid Waves and want to spill the big secrets so bad.  For now all I will tell you is its my golden birthday on December 19th and we are all going to be celebrating!  Be sure to sign up for my email list (on the right side bar) to stay updated and follow me on Snapchat (danimikay) because thats where I share all my news first! 

 It just got real cold real quick and my body is in shock.  Its 40 degrees today but its going to be forty degrees colder AKA zero degrees in less than a month.  Dressing cute when all you want to do is wear your entire bed out in public can be difficult, I know.  When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good the god-awful temperatures seem a little bit warmer.  That actually how that full saying goes, most people don't know that.  My favorite way to stay cozy and chic in the winter is with (faux) fur.  A lot of people seem to fear furs for the same reason they fear animal prints, they have a bad reputation.  Animal prints can be really bad or really good, I agree, but if you know how to style them right, you can load up on all the prints your heart desires.  

In this look I am wearing faux leather, faux fur, and faux python, that practically an entire petting zoo in one outfit; for a small girl like me that does sound a little bit crazy but its not.  I started the look with a simple base of a black turtleneck (shop here) and a silver leather dress (shop similar for $15).  People always ask me how I come up with my outfits, I usually say "IDK I just do" not because I am rude but because I just do!  It is so simple to pick out a base look and then build from there.  My next layer was these python boots (shop here on sale!), and next this vintage python bag (shop similar for $25).  The pythons are different colors completely which allows them to be paired together, no fear of clashing here!

For the last and final layer of this winter look I added my favorite faux fur coat (shop here).  This coat is such a statement piece and one of the best outerwear pieces I own.  It elevates any outfit into a super chic street style look.  In the depth I winter I love throwing it on over a pair of sweats and instantly go from sporty to sporty-chic.  So there we have, fur on leather on python! Now its your turn to take on the trend.  

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  1. I actually love this outfit! It's not something I'd think of putting together myself, but I would definitely wear this outfit if I had the pieces!

    Isobel x

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  2. Great outfit!



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