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December 15, 2016

Golden Birthday Celebration: Pizza Party Photo Diary + #19onthe19 Playlist

Hey Mer-babes! I just could not wait a moment longer for the Golden Birthday Celebration to begin! The first of the birthday series is a photo diary from my latest shoot along with a playlist! 

This shoot was such a dream come true, and my biggest project yet.  I had so much fun putting this shoot together as it took on all my favorite things: gold, birthdays, and pizza. I made the mood board, found the space, and styled the looks, not bad for a barely 19 year old.  As always, this was a family matter so I have the thank my father for gathering 19(I wish I could capitalize numbers) pizzas, and my mother for taking these amazing pictures.  

For this first look I went with something more casual than my everyday street style looks.  This look is my take on the it-girl / model off duty look, think Bella, Kylie, Kendall, etc.  A good pair of boyfriend jeans and a cute sports bra can go a long way when paired with fun props like balloons and pizza(s).

 Pro tip: pizza is the ultimate Instagram prop, you literally can not look bad while holding a slice. 

For my birthday I am bringing you all kinds of fun exclusive content.  This post includes my #19onthe19 playlist featuring a song from each year from 1997 to today.  Except for 2006, that year got two songs because "Unwritten" vs "Sexyback" was a tie I was not willing to break.  This playlist was so much fun putting together; "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne was my favorite song of all time and was one of the first CDs I owned.  Then, I realized that it was from 2002, LOL, clearly I was quite the angsty five year old.  "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani was my life in 2005, I had the Gwen Barbie doll and I swear she is the reason I have blonde hair today.  I feel very blessed to have been born in the year that "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls was topping the charts.  Listening to some of these songs now makes my ears want to bleed but the memories are just too good not to relive.

 Listen to the playlist and let me know which songs were some of your favorites and which ones I missed!

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My favorite songs from the last 19 years.



  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Bet your really proud of this shoot and it is so nice! Love the overall look of the off duty style outfit and all the props you used!

    Isobel x

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  3. Happy Birthday! Girl, you are so fabulous, I love this shoot. And that playlist pretty much describes almost every year of my life, even though I have a few years on you! And I love this look xx


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