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December 19, 2016

Golden Birthday Celebration: Ain't No Party like a Pizza Party + 19 Life Lessons

Hey Mer-babes! I am currently on the couch with some sort of flu like virus which is definitely not how I wanted to spend my birthday, but what are you going to do?  I am very excited to be sharing my pizza party photo diary with you all!  I am seriously obsessed with this shoot, 19 pizzas are definitely the way to this girl's heart.  

Shop the Look:

For my golden birthday outfit I had to get all the shimmer and shine I possibly could into one look.  I knew this skirt (shop here) was the perfect piece to start building my look.  This metallic pleated skirt is amazing in person but really shines on camera, the silver and gold look so rich.  A metallic pleated skirt like this one (shop here) paired with a sparkly top will be the ultimate look for a New Years Eve party.  With the skirt I paired a fabulous fair isle sweater (shop here).  This is no ordinary fair isle sweater, it has flecks of copper and gold along the neckline.  Fair Isle sweaters have become one of my favorite winter wardrobe pieces, they are so classic but have been redone in so many fun ways. My favorite part of this look may have to be these gold boots (shop here), these will definitely be the shoes to get me through the winter in style.  Don't be afraid to mix different metals in one look, this look seems to have all the metals but it pulls together very cohesively.

To portion of the shoot was so much fun to play around with, there are endless ways to rearrange 19 pizzas.  The warm tones of the pizzas, the golden balloons, and this mixed metal look came together to create something quite magical.  

Head to the bottom of this post to read my 19 life lessons I have learned before I turned 19.  I am so excited to take on my last year as a teen, but right now I am going back to bed.  😴😷

19 Things Ive Learned before 19:

Be your own biggest fan.

Find what you love and never look back.

Use your head.

Eat pizza and also eat kale.

Treat yourself often.

Don't put yourself down - ever.

Get a retail job, it's humbling to say the least.

Mask all the time. 

Know when to take yourself seriously.

Drink green tea. 

Don’t try to please anyone.

But do make your parents proud.

Cherish your alone time.

Change up your hair.

Get up off of that thing, endorphins are your BFF.

Never take less than you deserve.

Forget "appropriate".

Laugh constantly.

Finish each day with extra dark chocolate.



  1. Nothing but the best way to celebrate a birthday :) && a golden one too!! Love those boots :) Cheers to the best year!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  2. Happy Birthday! Great post!

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