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November 6, 2016

Zip It or Flip It: Kenzo x HM

The H&M designer collaboration comes once a year and usually all ends up on E-Bay for 800 times the original price.  But this year, it finally ended up in my closet.  Kenzo is one of my favorite designers, their use of bold color and pattern is always innovative and inspiring.  This was definitely not the year to miss out on another amazing collection, so I set my alarm early and got shopping.  Miraculously one of the six devices I had waiting on the website got through, and I got three amazing pieces that hopefully will be showing up at my doorstep soon.  I was so content, then one of my amazing followers informed me that there was still tons of merchandise in the store.   I ran (actually I walked) there immediately.  I have no idea how people had not purchased everything in sight but somehow there was tons of items still in the store, and I got to pick up one more piece. See entire collection, some is still available to shop online!

This coat is definitely the best piece of the entire collection, it is technically a mens piece so I didn't even look at it online, shame on me.  This coat is reversible, and the bottom of the jacket zips off to create a cute short bomber.  You can literally wear this coat a thousand ways, and it intend to do just that.  There are four bold patterns on this coat, it should come as no surprise that my favorite is the pink zebra.  A bold statement coat can elevate any look, I wanted this coat to be the star so I styled a super simple look to go with it.   This base outfit is my uniform from September to March.  A simple black turtleneck (shop here), paired with black flares (shop here), and black booties (shop here).  These amazing sunnies are by WearMe Pro,  I love the rectangular aviator shape (shop here), which is serving some major retro vibes.  

I am jumping in a Kenzo X H&M coat.


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  1. Love that unusually designed coat from Kenzo!

    Isobel x

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