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November 2, 2016

Target Finds: Beauty-Ful

I know I am not alone when I say that I am obsessed with Target.  If you follow me on snapchat you know that I literally snap the entire store, its just that good.  I love their active wear, their kids clothes are just beyond amazing, their bags are so trendy, and of course I could spend hours in the holiday section.  Target is basically a giant trap that I fall into every single time.

  I decided to do a round-up of the best beauty finds all from Target, these finds are super inexpensive yet so on trend!  I love beauty, I love anything that will de-puff me and make my skin look and feel amazing.  These items that I have rounded up are all skin care goodies, from sheet masks to bb creams, to eye masks.  These beauty basics will have you glowing (or at least faking that glow) in minutes.   All the products in this round-up are under $35 and most are under $10!


 Shop: Charcoal Mask, $3                                         Shop: Tiger Mask, $4

Charcoal is an amazing and natural detoxifier, and a sheet mask is a super simple way to detoxify.  Think of a sheet mask like a concentrated serum, it sits on your skin and works its magic then when you remove the mask, simply rub in the excess for a one-step facial.   This tiger moisturizing mask is so much fun.  Not only it is selfie magic, no filter needed, it has amazing benefits to nourish and hydrate your skin.


My favorite morning ritual is to ice my face.  I honestly feel such I difference when I skip this morning ritual.  I love to eat before I go to bed (surprise) which can cause puffiness in the morning, and nothing is worse than trying to put on makeup when your eyes are puffed shut.  I just picked this mask up for myself today! Keep it in your freezer and then each morning while you drink your cup of tea you can simultaneously de-puff.  The cooling sensation is also the perfect wake up call.


This scrub is one of my favorite ways to exfoliate.  Whenever my skin feels dull or begins to peel, which happens way too often, I pull out this baby.  It is a little rougher on the skin, so it is definitely not for daily use but it really gets the job done.  


Shop: Color Correcting Palette, $12                                    Shop: BB Cream, $34

I wish that after all the work I put into my skin, I could have that glowing "I woke up like this" complexion.  But I don't, and as I always say "fake it till you make it" .  My current favorite way to fake it is with a BB Cream, it is super lightweight which sounded terrifying to me in the past, but has all the coverage I love.  Also, how cute is this packaging!?  The next find is this color correcting palette, which is perfect in use with a BB Cream.  For any dark spots the BB Cream misses you can cover with this palette, color correcting it great for under-eye circles, redness, or any other flaws you wish to conceal.

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