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November 22, 2016

Shop Small: Chicago's Best Local Pairings

There are few things I love more than Chicago.  The shopping, the food, and the art make me so proud to call this place my home.  Small businesses are what make Chicago the amazing city it is.  Without all of the local restaurants and retailers Chicago would be no different than any other city.  I am extremely proud that as an influencer I have the ability to support and showcase small businesses and hope that you will do the same!  This Saturday, November 26 is Small Business Saturday and I hope you will join me in celebrating at some of your favorite local spots.

Of course, I wouldn't leave you to roam the city all by yourself so I put together a guide to my favorite local spots.  These small business pairings are the perfect spots to hit up together neighborhood by neighborhood.

Wicker Park: Antique Taco + Emma

Warm your insides with Antique Taco then head a couple blocks over and warm your outsides with Emma!   Emma has been one of my favorite stores since I moved to the city, they carry amazing brands, and the store has a funky bohemian vibe.  If you follow me on Snapchat (danimikay) you know that I am at Antique Taco on a weekly (if not daily) basis.

BTW keep your eyes peeled for an event hosted by moi at Emma this December!

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Humboldt Park: Spinning J + Anastasia Chatzka  

Spinning J has the best pie ever.  Honestly this place has ruined dessert for me, I feel like its not worth having a cookie if its not Spinning J's peanut butter cookie, or having a slice of pie if it isn't their pie.  After you are loaded up on pie and cookies, head over to Anastasia.  I love Anastasia's clothing, her pieces are a whimsical, chic, and truly one of a kind.  She is such a talented designer and its been amazing to see her brand grow over the couple years I have known her.

Roscoe Village: Dark Matter Coffee + Scratch Goods

 This might be my favorite pairing on the list because these brands are a total match made in heaven.  Dark Matter coffee is a local coffee roaster with different locations around the city.  Scratch Goods is a food-grade skin care brand hand crafted in small batches here in Chicago.  Not only can you drink Dark Matter Coffee you can also rub it all over yourself thanks to Scratch Goods.  They have an amazing Dark Matter Soap and Scrub.  If you stop in to Scratch Goods on Small Business Saturday with your Dark Matter cup there may be a treat waiting for you!

Old Town: Judy Maxwell Home + Real Good Juice

Judy Maxwell home is the perfect destination to get some major gift shopping done this weekend.  They have perfect stocking stuffers, silly gifts, and little treats for everyone on your list.   After you get some shopping done, treat yourself to a smoothie or juice at Real Good.   Their smoothies are the only smoothies I will actually pay for, they are so creamy but totally vegan of course.   My current favorite is their pumpkin smoothie, I am not sure how much longer it will be around so visit ASAP.  Some other favorites include the Kal E Kopowski smoothie and Bluice Wayne juice.

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