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November 4, 2016

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How to Get the Most Wear Out of Your Occasion Dresses

I love buying a new dress for each occasion, but I always feel so much guilt looking into my closet and seeing a row of beautiful dresses I have only worn once.  Your dresses deserve better than that, they deserve to be shown off and twirled around it multiple times.  The best way to make this happen is to shop smarter; when you are in the store before you purchase that perfect occasion dress try to imagine one other way to wear it.  Whether its for another season, with a different pair of shoes, or from day to night and vice-versa.  If you can immediately think of one other way to style it, chances are you will think of many more.   

I wore this dress for my graduation (see the look),  I knew this dress would be perfect for so many occasions when I bought it.  The best part about a versatile dress is that it may be a little unexpected for the occasion, wearing a marble print long wrap dress is a little unusual for a graduation dress, but when have I ever done anything ordinary.  The ability for me to wear this piece two seasons later and still look seasonally relevant means it was a great purchase.  

To restyle this wrap dress (shop similar here and here), I decided to go for a 70s inspired, pink, bohemian vibe.  I love pink faux fur jacket (similar here and here), it adds a little sass to any look.  I love throwing it on over a tee shirt with boyfriend jeans for an instant outfit boost.  It doesn't take a lot to revamp this occasion dress, just a different outlook! For my accessories I went with gold hoops  (shop here) and gold heels (shop similar), I love the little metallic pop to contrast the muted vibes up top.  I would just like to note that I called this fur jacket muted, LOL.   For any pink look, these pink sunnies (shop similar) are so necessary.  

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  2. How cute is this outfit! Love the pink glasses and golden slippers. You look like a bohemian princess!


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