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November 14, 2016

Pink and Pouffy: Wear Children's Clothes like an Adult.

Hey Mer-babes, happiest of Mondays.  This morning was a major struggle for me to get out of bed, the cold weather and the dark skies make it hard for even the morning-est morning person.  The best way to find some morning motivation is to think of something you're passionate about.  For me, that passion is this cape (shop here).  I got stopped all day with compliments and questions on this beauty, and I giggled to my self all day knowing where I found it.  The Target children's section, their little girl's section is honestly dreamy, full of fur vests, tulle, and pom-pons.  Children's clothes have a whimsy and playful quality that is hard to find in the real people world.   

I paired this cape with some other playful pieces to create a look that will launch you out of bed tomorrow morning.  This cashmere sweater (shop here) is so much vibrant and on major sale right now!  I am not a huge hot pink person but this sweater totally changed my mind, with just a pair of jeans its adds a little pizzaz (great word) to any look.  We all know I'm obsessed with denim so I won't bore you, but just take a look at these pans.  The two-tone jean (shop here on SALE!)  is super trendy while also being incredibly flattering.  It creates a super long leg line; the dark stripe is for your legs what bronzer is to your cheek bones!  I kept this look casual and weekend ready with a pair of white converse (shop here).   A pair of pink sunglasses (shop here) and my Fitbit (shop here) also brought some fun color to this look.  

In other news I can add emojis to my posts now.  I am thrilled.  😻🙆
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  2. How cute is your outfit! I used to get clothes from the kids section too! But I rarely do now as I wouldn't exactly fit in them unless they had a 13-14 :)

    Isobel x

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  4. Love the bright pink sweater! Super cute


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