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November 10, 2016

Barbie Girl: How to Pair Bold Silhouettes with Bold Color

Hey Mer-babes!  A lot of craziness has gone down in the last 48 hours and even more negativity has been thrown out on into the world.  I am not here to comment on any of that, because honestly I don't know what say.  But I am here to bring you fun and fashionable content.  A good outfit does a lot for my personal morale, so if you need a little pick me up or even a distraction you have come to the right place.  

I am back wearing Kenzo x H&M.  I saw this piece in the first collection preview and just about died.  I love finding pieces that are super chic but also look like they are made for a five year-old.  Basically, this piece checked all my boxes.  Since Kenzo x H&M has come out I have worn more zebra print than I have my entire life, zebra is definitely not my go-to print but with the bold color and silhouette of this sweater it is impossible not to love.  The best part of this top is definitely the crocheted peplum, but also maybe the oversized sleeves.  Unfortunately this piece is no longer available but this top from the collection (shop here) and this ASOS blouse (shop here) are great alternatives.  A bold top like this can easily be paired with a simple pair of black skinny jeans, but where is the fun in that?  I went for a more "Disco Barbie" vibe and paired this bold top with some other bold pieces.  By balancing out the drama of this top with some other dramatic pieces it makes this piece a little less intimidating and a lot more fun.  

Light-wash denim flares (shop here) are a perfect fit for this sweater, they give this look a softness which is the perfect contrast.   A chunky heel (shop here) is the only shoe that could stand up to this look, the white heel has a mod vibe that pairs well with flares.  A candy-colored mini purse (shop similar here and here)  is such a fun way to tote around your belongings.  This multicolored bag perfectly ties in all the colors of look.  



  1. Such an awesome look again! Love the top so so much


  2. This is my first time visiting and commenting here on "Mermaid Waves." Hello! I am John from LOOKBOOK. I Followed this blog from that site.

    I love flared bottoms first and foremost. The handbag is very cute. The cropped sweater and the pumps look great. This is an awesome style job by you here. Much love!

  3. You look beautiful in this styling.
    High heels perfectly matched.
    Share your post on my blog.
    Greetings and welcome to me.

  4. Fantastic post, I like it :)

    new post


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