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October 3, 2016

Love Emme

I am so excited to be sharing this fabulous new site that has all of your gifting needs.  Love Emme is a gift site curated towards millennial ladies, because gifting can be simultaneously the best and the worst part of friendships.  I love giving gifts but I always want to give people gifts that I want, the thing I love about Love Emme is they have their own girl squad that can help you place which Emme girl represents your BFF best and see the pieces she loves to help you get your IRL BFF the best gift ever.  Each gift is packaged beautifully with Love Emme flair and can go directly to your BFF's door.  

  I am so honored to be an Emmebassador, meaning I will be keeping you all updated on the latest Love Emme news and my favorite products.  I get contacted daily about ambassador programs and constantly turn them down because I don't think they are beneficial for my readers. But, Love Emme is a Chicago based brand run by amazing women that I truly believe in and love and I want you all to love too!  

Use code DANI at checkout for special benefits, this month is Free Shipping! Check out my shoot with Love Emme below and see my current favorite products on the site.  


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