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October 21, 2016

Life Update: Un-Gap Year

Hey babes! I get a lot of questions about what the heck I am doing with my life since I have graduated high school.  As you have probably figured out I decided not to go to college and to pursue the things I love, dance and fashion.  A lot of people seem to assume I am taking a gap year and I just could not allow you guys to think I am taking a "gap" year.

I can't think of anything I love more than being busy, give me a million things on my agenda and I will be the most content person on the planet.  Honestly while I was lying in bed last night I was thinking "I wish there were more hours in the day so I could have five more hours of work time".  The reason I don't like the term gap year is one, I have no intent of going to college next year.  For me, college is a place and time for young people to figure out their passions, and learn more about themselves.  I already really like myself, and I have a strong idea of what it is I want for my life, I have since I was 13.  By using these next four years to build my resume and explore the amazing opportunities I wouldn't be able to explore in a classroom, this seemed to be a more beneficial use of my time; and honestly try to picture me living in a dorm with a thousand 18 year-olds, you can't.

The second reason I am not taking a gap year, in the short three months that I have begun my latest adventure, I have been busier and felt more fulfilled than ever before in my life.  There is no "gap" here, not on my agenda or in my heart.  I am currently an apprentice with Elements contemporary ballet in Chicago, a social media manager, and a creative assistant for Dancers Awareness Project, on top of that I have taken a part time sales job at a major department store for the holidays, filmed a music video, and performed at a gallery opening.  Obviously I will still continue to grow my Mermaid Waves empire one trend at a time,  along with building my lifestyle empire with Lifestyle by MW (because one blog isn't time consuming enough).  Mermaid Waves is such an important part of my life and one day I hope that it will grow to be an important part of many, many people's lives.

That is just a little update on me! Feel free to ask me questions about anything, I am an open book.  I am definitely not an expert on life plans but I do know that I am happier now than ever before and I would love to help my readers to find their bliss as well.

Reaching for the stars in a white eleve leotard

Giving sass in a gold tee shirt dress with a vintage purse and rose.

Eating tacos while wearing a tutu and pointe shoes.

Here are some shots of me doing some of my favorite things: posing for photos, wearing tutu skirts, drinking matcha, and eating tacos.  I am hoping to share more personal things with my readers so let me know what you would like to hear from me! Ask away in the comments!





  1. great post! Good luck with everything, it all sounds very exciting

  2. Go for it lady. I tried pursuing a career in dance and it was so hard, but you seem well on your way there already! And it's smart to have some other irons in the fire too. Best of luck, I know you'll be great!

  3. Good luck with everything and hope it all goes well for you girl!

    Isobel x

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