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October 28, 2016

Crushing on Chokers: The It Girl Accessory of 2016

Ok so this is no surprise, but chokers are like really hot right now.  If you are like me you have basically adopted a choker as part of your neck.  If you have yet to jump on the bandwagon, I totally get you.  I hate doing things other people do, I have never read a Harry Potter book or seen any of the  movies solely based on the fact that everyone else was doing it.  But chokers are different, they aren't some strange wizard boy, they are life-changing.  Its like slipping on a layer of confidence before leaving the house, I can't tell you why but I can tell you its addicting.  With my choker on (add hoop earrings for an extra MerWaves look) I feel like the ultimate cool girl. 

I have rounded up some cool girls wearing chokers, yes I included myself, to give you some styling inspiration.  From feminine and dainty to bad and bold, the possibilities are endless.  In my opinion the only time you can't wear a choker is with a turtleneck, I have tried three times now and I just can't make it work, but I'll keep trying.  Head to the bottom of this post to shop my top choker picks, most are under $20! 

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This chunky choker is the perfect way to contrast the delicate mesh and lace layers. 

A plunging neckline calls for a chunk choker.

A little goes a long way, Bella paired a black choker to tie in her black accessories. 

This chic and trendy look is the perfect opportunity to test a bold statement choker. 

Kendall keeps is classy with this delicate layered choker. 

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  1. loving this trend right now!


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