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October 25, 2016

4 Life Lessons Ballet Has Taught Me

I have been doing ballet since I could walk; and it has been quite the journey, filled with lots of tutus and even more tears.  Ballet teaches you so many valuable lessons that aren't often taught outside the studio.  I will always carry with me the lessons I have learned in the ballet studio, and wanted to share a few of the ones I find most valuable.

1. Fake it Till You Make it.

Whether you hate the costume you are wearing, you're having the worst day of your life, or (usually me) you have no idea what the next step is; you must never show it.  Plaster on your most pleasant face, roll your shoulders back, and enter the stage with an air of calm and confidence.

This is particularly helpful on those days when the heel of your shoe breaks off and you still have three errands to run, (that is a true story btw).  Although the platform of my shoes was literally hanging on by a thread I kept my head up; I am pretty convinced that few people even noticed my shoe, or they assumed it was a chic new trend, because I totally pulled it off.  A little bit of fake
confidence ends up turning into a lot of real confidence, and we all know that confidence is the best accessory.

2. How to Layer.

If you have ever seen a ballet dancer warming up they are most likely wearing close to 10-12 layers.  I usually wear a pair of tights, then leg warmers, then trash bag shorts, then top that all off with a pair of cozy knits pants, and that is only for my legs.

There are endless possibilities for styling a new look, placing a simple tee shirt over or under another piece can give it a whole new life.  The best part about layering up is the ability to change your look throughout the day based on climate, mood, etc.  There is nothing I love more than changing things up, but changing your whole look is time-consuming and hard to accomplish on the go; to successfully accomplish this keep a solid base and build from there.

3. Be a Lady

There is nothing ballet is known for more than the grace and beauty of its dancers.  In my opinion being a lady is an art in itself.  A lot of people will argue that it is outdated, but I truly believe it is still relevant.  If the Queen of England comes into your presence you better know how to curtsy.

You will never feel out of place at a formal event, in front of important people, or accepting a bouquet of roses from your adoring fans.  Always be gracious, go out of your way to be kind, and stand with posture that would make your mother proud.

4. Never Settle

While perfectionism can be seen as a negative, I have always seen it as a positive.  In the ballet studio you are taught not to accept anything less than perfect and to strive to be your best at every moment.

Outside the studio that can be used in a thousand different positive ways.  Never take less than you believe you deserve, always emanate the highest and best version of yourself, and take matters into your own hands.  You can go through life accepting that nothing will ever be perfect, or you can take perfection and strive towards it everyday.

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  1. Hey Dani ,
    What great post ! I am glad you shared , what you learned from ballet . The best thing was the being a lady part .
    Thanks for sharing . Look forward to your next post .
    Hira ,

  2. amazing post!



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