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August 31, 2016

Personal Shopper: Sunnies

I love sunglasses, I have about 100 pairs and my collection is still growing.  Basically, you can splurge on one fabulous pair of designer sunglasses or you can have a different pair for each outfit.  If you're like me you are going to go with the latter, so I have rounded up five pairs of sunnies all under $30.  You could literally buy all five pairs and still have money left over!

 Wear Me Pro
Shop: Wear Me Pro, $9 
I just bought these for myself!

No Weekends

Shop: No Weekends, $29


Shop: Asos, $19


Shop: Boohoo, $14


Shop: Missguided, $16


1 comment

  1. Love all of these shades!

    Great picks!


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