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August 16, 2016

Create a Killer Snapchat Story

Instagram stories took the world by storm when they came out and had everyone wondering, Instagram Stories or Snapchat.  When Instagram stories first came out the views were high, and everyone began to abandon snapchat.  Snapchat is my favorite form of social media, so I was not leaving it behind.  I feel I am closest to my followers on snapchat, and they engage with me more there than on any other form of social media.  As much as I love a perfect Instagram feed, Snapchat is the place to be authentic and show your followers the real you! 

I won't lie, I think my snapchat stories are outstanding, they are authentic, funny, and guaranteed to make your mouth water.  I get so many compliments and questions regarding my snap stories that I thought I would put together a little guide to killing it on snapchat.

1. The Good, The Bad, and the Hungry

This one is my goto.  I love food and my snap stories show that.  Below are some of my favorite ways to incorporate food into your stories.  Although these are all photos the majority of these were originally videos!

  Everyone loves a good before and after shot especially when its of pizza. 

pizza, food, snapchat, my story, social media

 Fries + Pretty Filter = Instant hit.  Bonus points if its on a FRY-day.

snapchat, filters, snap filters, fries
Make the food the star.  A video of mashing avocado or perhaps an yolk break (personal favorite) will have your viewers on the edge of their seats.

food, my story, yolk videos, yolk, snapchat

2. Upgrade Your Selfie

No one wants to see you posing in front of your bathroom mirror 12 times a day, but a selfie video in front of a mural of spaghettios? Thats what the people want to see.   I love videos because you can add in movement, like a hair flip or even a wink if you are feeling sassy.

3. Take Us on Vacation

Brag away.  One of my favorite kinds of stories to watch are the ones where I feel transported.  Let us listen to the waves crashing on the beach, show us the fun destinations you are hitting up.  Being on vacation is the perfect time to take advantage of fun geotags! Place them on every couple snaps to remind people that you are having way more fun than them.

4.  The Truth Comes Out

I love sharing my struggles on snapchat because it reminds people that I am your average 19 year old girl.  Yes, I just ate some beautiful avocado toast and maybe I am having a killer hair day, but I probably just got avocado all over my new shirt.  I love sharing a funny story or moment from my day because I really feel like my followers are my best friends.

Bonus Tip:  I love giving my followers a sneak peek at what will be hitting my blog next.  I try to organically include it as part of my story, such as taking a snap of the next post I am writing, or giving an first look during an outfit shoot.  It makes them feel engaged and hopefully go out of their way to look at the latest content, instead of using snapchat as just another way to advertise. 

Be sure to follow me and Snapchat to see these tips in action!
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