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July 6, 2016

Do You Even Nature?

One of the amazing parts of staying in Salt Lake City is all the beautiful hiking trails.  I went up a trail one evening with a friend not expecting to find such beauty, we had to have an impromptu photoshoot (never leave home without your camera).  For this evening hike I had to look fabulous, duh, but still needed to be able to climb a mountain.  I started with a super simple look, a Free People denim skirt (shop) and a Forever 21 cropped tank (shop).  My Skechers are my goto shoe for anything slightly athletic and this definitely qualified.  I wore my Skechers D'lites (shop) and paired it with a high black sock, suburban white boy style.  With a simple look I love to go nuts with accessories,  I threw on a tiny charm necklace, giant hoops, a belt, and my favorite sunnies (shop).  Hoops are a great way to up any look, they are definitely the latest and greatest addition to my daily uniform.  This hike was quite the accomplishment so naturally it had to be documented with a couple selfies.  



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