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June 7, 2016

Fashion Friends Forever

It seems like the hottest fashion trend recently is friends, whether its Gigi and Kendall or Taylor and her girl squad.  It used to be a crime to show up dressed like someone else in the room but now it seems like the ultimate Instagram-able moment.  I paired up with That Hope Chic, my little sis who has recently started her own fashion blog.  We are both obsessing over the major seventies vibes happening this season so we gave them a modern update.  Denim culottes are such a wardrobe staple, they look dressier than the average denim shorts but are just as easy to wear.  When dressing with a friend its important to remember not to "match" but to "complement", our floral tops do just that.  They are both using similar color schemes but with prints that differ in size and content.  It isn't a summer look without a chunky heel and a great bag, Hope went with a classic black bag and shoe combo and I went a little more wild.  I love minimal accessories for the summer so Hope's choker is perfect for this season, definitely borrowing that.  

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  1. cute post
    REALLY cute blog
    you two have amaze taste!!
    all the best

  2. U both look great love both of your tops super cute

  3. HOLY Cow!! I can barely handle all the fabulousness when it's just one McGowan.. but now there's two fabulous McGowan sisters!!! Wowzers! Loving both of y'all's chic looks! I could never pull off these pants but you both make them look so darn amazing!


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